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    Desprately seeking personalised wedding invitations, we are looking for around 80 and then 40 evening guests, does anyone have any tips for me?


    [COLOR="royalblue"][SIZE="2"]Not sure if moonpig are the cheapest, but it's a great site![/SIZE][/COLOR]…spx

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    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I would think it may be worth a phone call (08454500100) to them considering the quantities you are after.[/COLOR]…510

    We designed a simple one, made a sample, then got my mum to make enough for all the guests.

    Most people said that they were the nicest wedding invitations they'd ever received. They were time consuming (for my mum) but they cost a lot less and my mum was very proud of her work.

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    EDIT: I found a pic of them.......

    It's not a great picture so I'll describe what we did. We used high quality card, then torn tissue paper, some white felt, pearl beads, then made individual roses, buying the rose heads, then making the stems out of thin guage wire. Then write in silver paint pen on the front and individualise the inside as much as you like on your PC, print on very thin paper and glue the spine in place. Voila! Truly hand crafted wedding invitations.

    We have a friend who is designing them, and we are just looking for somewhere online to get them printed!!!

    For wedding planning you wont go far wrong with this web site. They have a lovely on line forum too.

    Here are invites from as little as £1.40 each.…207

    look in your phone book for local printers who are operating a Digital Printing Press (preferably Nexpress) this will give you a decent quality (far better than Moonpig)

    Not to advertise the company I work for, but I work at Hobbycraft and serve at least 1 couple per hour for wedding cards. Its a LOT cheaper usually to make them yourself, and all though I know HC can charge high prices sometimes, I'd recommend dropping in and talking to staff, getting ideas then making them, even if you go elsewhere for some of your stock. (though even buying from us you'll save a lot of money making them)

    Friend got them from here:


    I made mine myself printed inserts on the pc - and like a lady before said, everyone thought I'd paid a fortune for them. I decided to make my own because the ones available to buy were very disappointing and rather than pay £3 per card, I made all my own for about £50 and that included little hand made placecards and evening invitations, etc. Mainly all done through Hobbycraft. Also go on [url][/url] onto the forums and people will gladly let you have templates to work from.

    Which store did you go to fruityloops, I work in the Warrington branch (we're the best store *nods*)

    my boyfriends sister is making hers, she found this to be the cheapest as soons as you say wedding prices just go up and up
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