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    My nephew's in a pickle. He was married last July and paid a local photographer a £700 deposit. There is no propect of the album being delivered following umpteen broken deadlines and excuses She now wants another £700 before she produces the album. Local knowledge now has it that the photographer's in financial difficulties and that my nephew's not the only victim.

    The silver lining is that the photographer had given my nephew the disk of all the photos shortly after the wedding.

    I need to know now if some of you comrades can recommend a company which will produce the album from a selection of the photos.


    i get all my pics done with snap fish - they produce really lovely books - not a photo album as such - but it's nice toactually have the pics as proper pages in a book - they;re pretty reasonable but then if you're looking for proper wedding photography stuff i haven't got a clue!

    Small claims court springs to mind. Get a form and tell them to fill it in

    my sister had the same problem with her photographer. Phone trading standards who will take the case up for you.

    are the images marked in anyway witht the company. if not then i would just appraoch a local print shop to do them. iff they are i would still approach one with evidence that you have been mesed about eg a letter, to prove that it is a genuine case. I had some pics done with Orlan Mills before they went bust. I took them to another photographer to print and he completed the work. I think as long as they are getting paid they will do the work. good luck

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    I think I'll do that, leecroot, AND contact Trading Standards.

    Thanks everyone, for the advice.
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