Wedding Planners...

    anyone on here been a Wedding Planner, or that has been one?



    I was a Wedding Planner a few years back, drop me a PM if you need help with anything

    Me too

    i was just about to say JB used to be one, beat me to it

    strssful!! but rewarding

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    did you have a list of supplies for each aspect of the planning

    ie: caters,cars, dj's, etc etc, and did you focus just on your local area, or was it region/nation wide?

    just wanting to offload my website link to anyone interested,....... and vise versa of course.. :thumbsup:


    JB looks like JL (Jennifer Lopez) 8-)

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    thanks ..... its just in the startup process. we are currently looking for a name, then we are applying for a grant so hopefully be up and running end august, september... :thumbsup:

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    yea, about weddin fairs.. how would to go about that?

    had no experience in that and only starting up... guess a full range of samples etc wouldnt go a miss? does it cost to exhibit at these things?

    Where is the best place to get helium from? Have no idea how many balloons we got!
    Im guessing around 100+?

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    yes hun if you want to set up a stand at a wedding fair you will need to … yes hun if you want to set up a stand at a wedding fair you will need to take a range of your products, you will need to book a place with the orangiser of the fair, they do charge but i have no idea how much as its been years since i did it and i did it for the Hotels i worked you have a range of products ready?? where are you based? are you willing to travel to the fairs?have a look in some of the wedding mag's they often have fairs listed in them too

    not ready in the slightest, but looking to go business proper by end of august. Thought about contacting local Bridals stores to, asking if we can sell or range with them, giving store 10-15 of %all profits! :thumbsup:

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    Hi there

    Just PM'd you... its rather long! lol

    Not sure what you mean "suppliers"? lol

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    thanks for the advice Vinyl.

    would love to hear from any other WPs, and anyone that has any advice :thumbsup:

    Set up a Russian Bride site............much more profitable. :w00t: lol

    Our wedding planner was more like a pimp, the amount of money she had me fork out was outrageous.
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