Wedding planning!

    Well folks im back from Venice.. and as you can probably guess... she said yes!!!

    However now the issue is the wedding planning! Where the bloody hell do i start and does anyone have any tips!?


    just nod an grin and say yes dear..!!


    no tips as nearly 17 years ago for me but congrats to you both.

    I got married two years ago and was best man for my mate in June.
    When it comes to planning, my top tips would be...

    Work out a budget you can afford - then try your best to stick to it.
    Save where you can, remember some things you will only need for one day so don't go nuts.
    Communication with the wedding party is always helpful (best man, parents, bridesmaids..)
    Have what YOU TWO WANT, not what your Uncle or her cousin would like. It's YOUR day!
    Arrange venue, DJ, caterer, church, hire cars, suits etc as soon as possible and keep track of the contact details and cost for them all.
    Get a decent list of invited guests but be warned, this COULD cause ripples among the family.
    Also, get the addresses of invited guests.

    That should be enough to get you started!

    The best tip for the actual day would be...
    Enjoy it. All.

    Get a notebook and write everything down in it and carry it round everywhere with you!

    Remember it's not the cost.. it's the people you are with... I got married... in 6 weeks of decision... cost 2 grand... was fantastic...

    You won't remeber the car.... you wont remember the flowers... you will remember the people...
    so... in todays climate.. be careful... unless you are rolling in it...

    My neice is talking about a 16 grand wedding... I don't get it..??? Why? You will have a great time whenever, wherever, whatever...

    yeah dont do it 20 years for me this month & no sign of parole


    yeah dont do it 20 years for me this month & no sign of parole

    I had a great wedding... 10 yrs ago... but got early release for bad behaviour 2 years ago.


    are there no successful relationships with the peoples of HUKD ?


    Get a notebook and write everything down in it and carry it round … Get a notebook and write everything down in it and carry it round everywhere with you!

    That's exactly what i do, i carry my A5 notebook with me and make notes especially of songs cos i know i'll probably forget my favourites closer to the day

    my wedding is not for another couple of years so i havent started planning 'officially' yet! X)

    this might also be useful to you…pdf

    I'm a wedding photographer and my number one piece of advice would be to book early as I'm already booking up for 2012 and I've been told by some of my brides that the local venues are booking up quick too.

    But try and enjoy the planning as much as the day itself!

    Get your mums to organise it all!

    Actually, you will save a fortune if you do as ^^^.
    Do your own invitations, table decor, favours etc or get a family member to volunteer for them.
    Only have enough booze at the reception for a couple of glasses of wine and a toast or two for each guest; the rest they can buy at the bar.
    Get a mate to do the photos and do the albums online.
    There are lots of lovely matching outfits at ordinary shops for the bridesmaids and matron of honour.
    Set your budget at what you can afford - say £2 K and visit the venues. You will be surprised how soem are not up to scratch and others are great.

    Don't get carried away - literally or metaphorically.X)

    OR... have a rip roaring do on the pier!!! ( WSM, right?)

    oh and CONGRATS!!
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    Congrats and one word.... Budget, Budget, Budget

    Book the church/venues first,once that is done then its a big weight of your shoulders.

    Got married 3 and a half weeks ago.

    18 months of planning and hard work and saving but all went fantastically well.

    Will post tips / dvice tmrw when i'm more with it.

    Congrats :-)

    Original Poster

    Thanks so much for teh advice so far!
    What is a realistic budget for a wedding? Everything all in?

    We wont be using a church but still want a nice venue.
    We arent ones for a big fancy sit own meal, so will have a buffet or a pig roast or something
    I have a friend who is a wedding photographer so i will be booking her hopefully!

    And yes Chesso WSM.. ish :P (although the other half is from Shropshire way)

    Can't wait for OP to post: "Ok, so we got married today, now she wants to take my clothes off!!??" type thread.

    I second booking the venue first, that's the most important thing.

    What you also need to remember to do is to book the registrar as well if you are not having a church wedding- at busy times it can be tricky to match up the venue and the registrar (at least where we live), so look into that when you start searching for venues and give them a ring to see what slots they still have free. Congratulations and good luck!

    My daughter got married on Thursday 26th August. We had the most fantastic day ever. You have had lots of good tips and I would add these. Really shop around for the venue-they vary enormously in price and what they offer. If you get married on a weekday such as a Thursday the discounts are great as most people prefer a weekend. Guests wont mind given sufficient notice most people can get time off and evening guests dont care anyway. I would reccomment a proper wedding dress shop as they make sure it fits and looks beautiful but you can save lots of money on the xtras. My other 2 girls were bridesmaids and got shoes from New look and jewellery in the sales. M and S do superb wedding cakes at a fraction of the cost of the bakery, make the favours etc yourselves-there are some great internet shops selling all you need. My daighter found a lady to dress the tables and chairs at the venue and she put candles and gold chiffon everywhere -It looked lovely and the cost was not too great as she collected all the stuff afterwards. Lastly don't forget that VAT is always added on seperately so don't get a shock! .Congratulations and have lots of fun!!


    Can't wait for OP to post: "Ok, so we got married today, now she wants to … Can't wait for OP to post: "Ok, so we got married today, now she wants to take my clothes off!!??" type thread.

    i'm afraid that doesnt happen when ya married ;-)

    did you get the email I sent Jetpac?
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