Wedding Presents - for the Wife to be and the future Father-in-law!!!

    Morning Peeps!

    Am just after a bit of advice, get married in March and am looking for a present for the Wifey to be, and the future father in law.

    The Chick wants a dress watch for the day, but I am trying to think of something a little more romantic (but racking my brain I am struggling with ideas!)

    No got a clue what to get the Father-in-Law! He likes his Brandy, but again, we need to get him something more memorable!!!!

    Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated!!!!

    Thanks in advance.



    I suggest that if she wants a dress watch, that's what you get! There is nothing more annoying than telling someone what you want and them thinking they know better... (You would probably buy sexy underwear - who for??? LOL)

    Since when do you buy father-in-law a present? My son is getting married this year and I'm sure he's not buying his FIL anything...

    If you must, and he likes his brandy, a really good cut glass brandy glass might be an idea and will be a permanent reminder.

    for your wife -to - be get her a dress watch but a solid gold one with a romantic inscription in/on the bracelet
    father - in - law a crystal brandy glass, again you could have it inscribed

    for serious brownie points, do what a lot of blokes cannot...
    a good toast at the reception, how special she is, your life wouldn't be complete without her etc......

    congratulations and good luck

    Original Poster

    lol - the Chick wants to get something for her Dad because he is paying a big chunk of the wedding!

    I have found some really nice Crystal cut Brandy glasses. He's a copper and I have just found a nice silver pocket watch which I thought was nice as well!

    It would have to be titanium / silver / white gold as that is the colour she wears, and will be wearing!

    Just got my best man a great D&G dress-watch from Oli via myvoucherdeals - should of been £160, and got it for £68!!!! TBH, it was so nice, I got myself one too!!!!!!!

    Re. underwear, I am leaving that too her, although I might try and get a blue garter for her!!!!

    I'm trying to get the D&G watch for £68 but am failing can you point me in the right direction please cheers

    Original Poster

    LOL - well, I ordered using the 15% and Free delivery code (for your first order) from Myvouchers.

    Originally, the price was £83.95 - when I used the code, this was reduced to £80. I read on and it said any % discount would be knocked off when I was charged.

    If it doesn't come off when I receive the order, I will contact them for a 15% refund!

    the best wedding gift i have ever seen is a rag doll with hair and dress exactly the same as a young bridesmaid. it was beautiful. perhaps you could get one of these for your father in law!!!!

    I was and still am, my wife's best wedding gift. :whistling:
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