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Does anywhere know any good sales for wedding stuff? Rings, table accessories, etc etc I am not very good at searching out good deals/sales - just wondered if anyone else was planning their wedding and spotted any good sales? I am getting married in July and thought I might get some bargains in the Jan sales. Can anyone help? Thanks :-)

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Congratulations....! Im getting married next year and she's been using cox and cox website. Dont know if that helps.

hmm.. im lookin 2 get maryed in 1 & half years time too.. ive started lookin & boy is it hard or what!?!?! any feedback would be great!

Hi, I'm getting married July 2nd and everything is so expensive, even the magazines!!

Got my dress from a M&S deal posted on here (£15). An absolute bargain as we're getting married in Zante and I don't want a huge dress. Tried to get a bridesmaid dress in the Next VIP sale but by the time my slot came they'd all gone! I'll try again next time. OH got his suit from TK Maxx so that was reasonable. The rings are going to be by far our biggest cost as OH very kindly got my engagement ring from Tiffanys and I'm having the wedding ring to match - not sure if there's any discount vouchers for them!

I've noticed this morning that find me a gift has a wedding section, there may be something on there that is of use to you

All the very best :thumbsup::thumbsup

Me and missus getting wed in march this year in las vegas.

I know its cheesy but its cheap as chips think the hotel (circus circus) a convertable car 4 a week £1150 for two, aleady on ya honeymoon .
wedding costs $500: [url][/url]

Ok firstly congrats!! im getting married in oct and just been looking for some bits, just had a look at the monsoon website and they have bridesmaids dresses (not in sale) for really good prices! the ones i want are £46 each which i think is a bargain


If you want to save money on invitations then take a look at this:


The CD that helps with the inserts is also listed on there for £5

Hope this helps and good luck x

Just managed to order a couple of bridesmaid dresses in the Next sale, it's worth checking on a daily basis to see if any go back into stock :thumbsup:

I can recommend a fantastic cake maker and decorator within the London Essex region. PM me for details. I am also getting married in a few months time. Congratulations to you all.

Original Poster

Thanks for comments everyone. Keep them coming! xx


we got married last year and ebay are really good for table accessories, also, have some good stuff and a 50% off sale. I got my ring from Ernest Jones, it was £850 but there cashback through Quidco is very high (currently 14%, I ended up getting about £120 back).

If you live anywhere near the Nottingham, I can give you the contact details of a good florist and cake. We found a picture in a magazine that would have cost £700 to have made by the designer, showed the picture to her and she made it for £150, it looked exactly like the picture.

Also, If you are after something to liven up the evening, weed had a mobile casino, I think it was £250 for 2 hours but everyone had a great time, we had a blackjack table and a roulette wheel, both very professional... the company was called Twilight Casinos, again this is midlands based but there are alternatives nationwide...

hope some of this is of use

my sister in law got loads off fleabay including the gear to make her own personalised invites, which everyone loved.

a local college did floristry courses and they did her a deal on the flowers as a training exercise, so worth trying that. the hairdressing section did some hair trials for her to get the look she wanted too.

i bought faux buttonholes for my sister in laws wedding on ebay and they were terrific, everyone loved them as they were made to match our outfits. a friend has used them since for her wedding and it was wonderful, especially as they were going on to a family grave afterwards, so lasted much longer.

cars are really expensive but she put her own classified ad in local paper asking for suitable vehicle for dates and got some great ones offered at super discounted prices as the dates were free.

if you buy your wedding suits and the rest of the mens stuff my mate sold hers to a wedding hire shop afterwards and got some money back on those.

phototgraphers will sometimes do a photo cheaper if you let them display it in their window for a time. i know ,am a window dresser. no harm in asking.

look on auction sites for cheaper albums as photographers ones can be very dear. probably find better and more personal ones there.

a mate of mine hated traditional table favours so decided to scrap them but had a bingo card at every place, used the money to fund fun prizes and we had an hour of bingo which was great fun, and original.

if you know anyone who is good at photography, they should take extra photographs and you can cut down on the photographers/album costs with fewer print numbers. make an additional album of your own. its also great because photographers cameras can and do bust, leaving you without any!! happens quite often.

hope you find these tips of some use. happy marriage...

im ebaying. just got the full length wedding veil brand new for 6pounds!!! the wedding dress will come from hongkong brand new for hundred and fifty including a peticoat.

also bought a beautiful brand new artificial bouquet for a fiver. im not even gettng married till net march lol

if you live in the NW of England try [url][/url] We used them for our wedding and they were brilliant and really cheap. based in altrincham they decorated our whole room (light curtain was amazing) also had all stationery done by them

Don't always believe that an expensive wedding photographer is a good one. I might be biased because I am a wedding photographer but I like to be honest.
I've heard some really bad stories of people paying over £2k for their photos and they mess them up big style.

Don't pick a photographer that limits the amount of photos they take. This shouldn't be a problem these days with digital being the main format but there are some old school ones out there that stick to this limit rule.

If you have any wedding photo related questions feel free to PM me and i'll help as best as I can.
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