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Found 26th Jul 2018
I was once shown a video of someones wedding who had dancers/flash mob/entertainers come out and did a merged piece to The Greatest Showman.

I want to find out the company that did it.
But unfortunately I can't remember the company.

Before its suggested, I can't remember who showed it and I can't find the video online etc...

I do know they do superheros and marvel themes among others.

Can anyone think of the company I maybe thinking of?

Thanks in advance
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Don’t know the company. But my daughter got married about 2 years ago and we got the singing waiters People still talk about them now absolutely fantastic bud couldn’t recommend them enough bud.

Thats if if you want something for a wedding that is.
Luckily I got a pm message
It was 'make my day events'

Thanks though!
And I will look at them aswell
The singing waiters ain’t cheap think it me £1000 for day and night.
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