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Found 11th Jan
Okay, not a deal as such. You even have to pay for delivery. I am just curious as to how many people would consider buying this and then actually drinking it?

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I've actually tried this at the whisky show.

It was worth £18000 / £20000 then!
Am not convinced my taste buds are refined enough to appreciate that against the cost. I did try some very expensive Brandy when I worked in a bar I think the highest prices was £260 for a shot and it was very nice but not £260 nice.
This is not so much for the taste or refinement as it is a statement purchase for the mega well off. All such extortionate "luxury" items are and always have been. The old saying if you have to ask the price its not for you is befitting of overpriced crap like this and harrods have always been at the forefront for such customers.
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I think you might’ve misunderstood the point of this website
I've drunk older.

Even if it was s reasonable price, it's not a nice whiskey to begin with.
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