Week 1 Slimming World- Weight Results (Follow on from pink patch thread)

Posted 29th Apr 2008
Well I thought I'd update you all. I went to slimming world last night in mild pain- since saturday I'd had terrible stomach cramps (like labour pains but my stomach instead), and I nearly ended up in hospital! Only thing that stopped me from going was the receptionist said they wouldn't sedate me (probably thought I was a mad woman ringing at 6am Sunday morning lol).

Anyway, I went there all nervous last night at 7pm, finally got weighed and I've lost..... 9lbs!!!! In my first week!!! It's probably beginner's luck and the radical change in diet (which shocked my body and caused the cramps). So in the first week, I gained my half stone award!!! I was really really pleased, and am looking forward to going again next monday. The lady's really nice who runs it and encourages you, it doesn't seem like she judges you just because she's slim and it's really relaxing there.

So yup, anyone else had a slimming world weigh in? Or other slimming groups/home weigh in???
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