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    im looking for a weekend break in the benidorm region (although flexible if the price is right) i have been searching for 2 days to find a good deal and am strugling.I am lookin to travel either the 26th of may coming back the 29th of may or the 2nd of june returning the 4th of june.Theres eight travelling altogether and as long as the hotel has a pool and near(ish) a beach then not fussed about resort.We are only looking to spend around £200 each which i know is a small budget but all we can muster.
    Any help would be appreiciated


    from 23rd of may to 30th may there is the first ever Celtic supporters european convention which just happens to be being held in benidorm this year. There are estimates of 20,000 plus turning up for this so i would suggest that benidorm and surrounding areas will be heavily priced at that time. Also you may not wish to be surrounded by drunken scottish and irish football fans on your weekend away.......... but it sounds good to me !

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    benidorm isnt a must as long as there is sun sea and beer and in budget its all good
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