Weekend family break with any activity suggestions

Found 27th Jun 2018Edited by:"redadmiral"
Hi we are a family of four, mum and dad 50yo with 2 girls 19 and 11 yo and want to do something "interesting"( no I have no idea what we are looking for) so ANY suggestions are welcome! Ty
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Where are you? Are you planning a day out or a weekend away?
What's the budget?
Book a hotel in Sheffield and visit some of the most scenic places in UK. Monsal head, dovedale to mention a few
Need an idea of location but I'd be looking at going somewhere you could fit in a couple of experience adventures at those ages. Maybe an animal encounter , did a fab meerkat one myself and then something like segway ride. Groupon and buyagift normally have offers , but depends on where you are based/how far you want to travel.
Center Parks!!
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