Weekend giveaway *brand new sealed bluray of Shutter Island*

    Got this for someone for Chrimbo who already had it and everyone I know has seen it!

    If you want to be in with a chance of this top prize haha, just post something nice about the person above you.

    Everybody welcome.
    Play nice, winner picked by that random number generator thingy.
    Will run till tomorrow night.

    ONE ENTRY PER PERSON pretty please

    Oh and must have been a member for at least 5 months.


    very kind and generous
    Edited by: "shanecr" 18th Feb 2011

    Nice moon

    very sweet and generous thing to do

    What a lovely dress

    9 is a great number

    nice hat

    Pulp Fiction is a classic.

    nice afro


    nice afro

    U aint no james cameron ...
    (No Avatar)

    nice pants

    nice robe

    nice a**


    'Well done young man. Now you've logged one thousand choo choos you are eligible to wear your very own train spotters mack just like me. Go yellow and wear it with pride.'

    Obviously meant for Archer1204 not Adam2050. However, very nice dimples young man.
    Edited by: "philhib1964" 18th Feb 2011

    The Man, The Legend....

    ^^^^ Nice smile

    Man stalked by Black Box

    interesting username!

    Child like drawing? pretty awesome drawing though

    a fellow lover of my favourite price: free
    (good luck to person below haha!)

    You always post great deals! ^^


    nice beard


    Despite supporting an awful football team, always has a smile.

    Shall we take it to PM now nikki..... Obviously i'll be the winner!

    My stalkee!

    cute picture

    ^^ liking the monotone avatar (_;)

    Count me in please.
    Many thanks

    Edited by: "krazie2004" 18th Feb 2011

    It's rude to point!

    I don't know the person above other than he has a pretty rancid looking cock. But he has the ability to wn me a DVD

    The guy above lives close to the edge...

    ^^^ Funny avi X)

    *better then when you had your mugshot* - below.
    Edited by: "gd_miester" 18th Feb 2011


    ^^^ gay avi

    *no that was a sexy avi* above ^^

    ^^^ If she doesn't make you fly emirates, nothing will!


    Excellent use of pixelation to hide the Avatar. Can't compliment them enough.

    nice one nikki very kind

    ^^^^ i like his avatar as it gives you something to read other than his posts

    ^^^^^ lol, a very witty man X)

    very kind gesture nikki

    name is defo relevant for the site


    name is defo relevant for the site

    what is that avater ?

    nice gesture

    Yes please!!!!

    Best avatar I seen should win some sort of a competition (the pic)!!!

    Edited by: "Naeem786" 18th Feb 2011

    in for the draw

    why was 7 a fatty

    because 7 ate 6

    ...does that count

    if not nice eyes
    Edited by: "numptyj" 18th Feb 2011
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