weekend in dublin

    going todublin any ideas please for money off vouchers, cheap ideas thanks



    try the ryan air web site, they do days out ideas with discounts, the guniness tour is cheaper took direct, but its good for ideas. other wise i would suggest a hop and go bus ticket, they take you on a great tour of the city

    have fun - lisa x

    if you look at the tourism sites they sell the 'Dublin Pass' - thy give you discounts-but it depends how much you want to see/do.

    You can buy them at the tourist desk at the airport too.

    We went in March, and it was great. An open top bus tour was brill-get on and get off, and brill driver full of funny stories. Stops at Guiness factory and other museums etc. Lasts 24 hours-so can use it over 2 days if you want to. There is a tourism office in the main street too which is really good.

    Have a ball-it was expensive-but a great weekend !


    Cheap idea - stay at home!!!

    its not worth the money and the hassle getting there tbh
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