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Week 1 of 5

Which multi-talented Smooth Radio artist played alongside Geena Davis and Tom Hanks in the film A League of their Own?

Aretha Franklin
Madonna <=============
Tina Turner

the film stars Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Lori Petty, Rosie O'Donnell, and Madonna.


Which rock ‘n’ roll superstar, known for his singing and his dance moves starred in a Golden Globe nominated film called Girls, Girls, Girls?

Elvis <===================
Michael Jackson
Michael Buble

Golden Globes: Nominated for Best Motion Picture - Musical at the 1963 ceremony. The winner that year was The Music Man.[2] Elvis Presley received a 2nd place Laurel Award for the best male performance in a musical for his acting role in this movie


Which iconic country music star, who has starred in films 9 to 5 and Steel Magnolias recently said about their life- ‘I've lived a long time, I've done a lot of stuff - I think there's enough to make a movie and a stage play!" ?

Kenny Rogers
Dolly Parton <==================
Glen Campbell

"I've lived a long time, I've done a lot of stuff - I think there's enough to make a movie and a stage play!"


Which Smooth Radio playlist artist is also an actor, film producer and director, and won an Oscar for her performance in Funny Girl?

Meryl Streep
Bette Midler
Barbra Streisand <============

Barbara Joan Streisand, /ˈstraɪsænd/; April 24, 1942) is an American singer-songwriter, author, actress, film producer, and director.
After beginning a successful recording career in the 1960's, by the end of the decade, Streisand ventured into film; starring in the critically acclaimed Funny Girl, for which she won the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress


Michael Jackson and Diana Ross starred together in the 1978 film ‘The Wiz’ but which classic tale is it based around?

The Wizard of Oz <===============
The Sword in the Stone

The Wiz: The Super Soul Musical "Wonderful Wizard of Oz" is a musical with music and lyrics by Charlie Smalls and book by William F. Brown. It is a retelling of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Patrick Swayze is the lead character in the film which features his song ‘She’s Like the Wind’ on it’s soundtrack – can you name that film?

Sleepless in Seattle
Dirty Dancing <=============
When Harry Met Sally

"She's Like the Wind" is a 1987 power ballad from the film Dirty Dancing performed by Patrick Swayze.


) Sonny and Cher’s duet ‘I Got you Babe’ is a firm favourite here at Smooth Radio but which film did Cher star alongside Bob Hoskins, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci in 1990?

Mermaids <===============

Mermaids is a 1990 American comedy-drama film directed by Richard Benjamin and starring Cher, Bob Hoskins, Winona Ryder (who was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actress for her role), and Christina Ricci


What is the name of singer Olivia Newton-John’s character in the 1978 hit movie, Grease?

Sandy <=============

Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsson


In which film does Spandau Ballet’s Martin and Gary Kemp star as English gangster twins?

The Blacks
The Krays <===============
The Smiths

Gary Kemp as Ronnie Kray
Martin Kemp as Reggie Kray


Madonna sang the song ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ but in which film?

Dangerous Game
Evita <===============
Desperately Seeking Susan

American singer-songwriter Madonna recorded her version of the song for her starring role in the 1996 film Evita

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week 2 of 5

The Jackson 5 are one of the most famous family collaborations of all time but which member is missing from the original 1964 line up – Michael, Jackie, Tito, Marlon?

Jermaine <============

the founding members were Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael


Which brother and sister duo had hits with Close to You and We’ve Only Just Begun?

The Campbells
The Carpenters <======
The Carrols


Name the Number 1 hit that The Osmonds had in 1974?

Love Me For A Reason <====
Love Me Always
Don’t Stop Loving Me

"Love Me for a Reason" is a song by The Osmonds, and released in 1974

UK Singles Chart Peak position 1


Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb were better known as which band name?

The Gee Gees
The Bee Gees <=============
The Bees Knees


'Harvest for the World’ was a hit in 1976 for which band?

The Righteous Brothers
The Jacksons
The Isley Brothers <===========

"Harvest for the World" is a 1976 single released by The Isley Brothers


Which successful group, made up of two married couples, had their songs used in worldwide productions of the musical Mamma Mia?

Abba <============


Which band had hits with Waterloo Sunset and Sunny Afternoon?

The Doors
The Kinks <==========
The Who


Which band made up of sisters had a hit in 1979 with ‘Lost in Music’ ?

Scissor Sisters
The Beverley Sisters
Sister Sledge <=============

Lost in Music is a 1979 single by Sister Sledge


Which Everly Brothers hit record include the lyrics ‘I can make you mine, Taste your lips of wine, Anytime night or day, Only trouble is, Gee whiz, I'm dreamin' my life away’ ?

All I Have to Do is Dream <=============


The Bangles include sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson, but which hit record reached the UK Number 1 in 1989?

Burn for Eternity
Flaming Hot
Eternal Flame <============

"Eternal Flame" is a ballad and love song by The Bangles from their 1988 album Everything. It became a hit single, when released in 1989, peaking at number one in the charts in nine countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.




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week 3 of 5

Which Smooth artist performed her hit ‘9 till 5’ on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury this year?

Dolly Parton <==============


Bryan Adams has just announced that he will be touring the UK in September, with some relatively 'intimate' shows but can you name the hit that kept him at the No. 1 spot in the UK charts for 16 weeks in 1991?

Summer of ‘69
Everything I Do (I Do It For You) <===============
Please Forgive Me


In 1969 The Beatles performed live together for the last time. What was unusual about this location?

It was on a boat
It was in a shopping centre
It was on a rooftop <===============

The Beatles' rooftop concert was the final public performance of the English rock group the Beatles


Abba’s winning performance at The Eurovision song contest in 1974 was the start of them becoming one of the biggest selling artists of all time. Which song gave them this victory?

Waterloo <====================
Money, Money, Money
Mamma Mia


Michael Bublé will play five shows in the lead-up to Christmas 2014. What injury did he sustain earlier this year whilst performing live in Australia?

He sprained his ankle
He broke his arm
He knocked his tooth out <===============



The Diamond Jubilee Concert was held on 4 June 2012 outside Buckingham Palace . Which Take That member was responsible for organising this live concert?

Gary Barlow <===========
Howard Donald
Mark Owen


Stevie Wonder is known for his live performances all over the world, but which song reached no. 1 in the UK charts in 1984 and stayed there for 6 weeks?

Happy Birthday
I Just Called to Say I Love You <============

....It also became Wonder's only solo UK number-one success, staying at the top for six weeks


The Brit Awards in 1997 included an iconic performance by The Spice Girls which saw Geri Halliwell famously wearing a Union Jack Dress. What nickname did Geri also go by?

Ginger <=============


James Taylor has announced that he will be performing live in the UK this year for the first time since 2011. Which hit song are these lyrics from ‘Winter, spring, summer or fall, All you got to do is call’?

Fire and Rain
You’ve Got A Friend <====================
Carolina in My Mind


Live Aid was a dual-venue concert held on 13 July 1985 broadcast to an estimated 1.5 billion people. The event was held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London and John F Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, Who organised this charity event?

Bob Geldof and Midge Ure <==============
Elton John and Bono
Lenny Henry and Sting


Thank you

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week 4 of 5

In 1984 Madonna’s first single reached number 6 in the UK

Charts but what was the title of the song?

Holiday <=============
Road Trip

In the United Kingdom, "Holiday" has been released three times

as a single; in January 1984, reaching number six,....


The Queen of Pop is known worldwide by her first name only but

what is her surname?

Ciccone <============

Madonna Louise Ciccone


What do these three Madonna songs have in common – Papa don’t

Preach, Vogue and Into The Groove?

They all reached No. 1 in the UK charts <========
None of these songs reached the top 10 in the UK charts
They didn’t make it into the UK charts at all

Released in 1990, this remains one of Madonna's biggest

international hits, topping the charts in over 30 countries,

including the UK.


Which famous Madonna song are these lyrics from: ‘A young girl

with eyes like the desert, It all seems like yesterday, not far


Material Girl
La Isla Bonita <==============
Crazy For You


Last night I dreamt of San Pedro
Just like I'd never gone, I knew the song
A young girl with eyes like the desert
It all seems like yesterday, not far away


In 1996 Madonna won a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a

Motion Picture Musical or Comedy – which film was this for?

Evita <===================
Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserables


Evita Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy WON


Madonna married Guy Ritchie in December 2000, what name did

they call their son born in August of that year?

Rocco <=============

On 22 December 2000, Guy married the American pop singer

Madonna at Skibo Castle in Scotland.[36] They have a son, Rocco

John Ritchie


Which Don McLean song did Madonna cover in 2000?
Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
American Pie <=================


American pop singer Madonna released a cover version of the

song in March 2000


Which Bond movie did Madonna write and perform the title song


Die Another Day <==================
The World Is Not Enough




What was the name of Madonna’s last Tour in 2012?

MDNA Tour <============

The MDNA Tour was the ninth concert tour by American singer-

songwriter Madonna. It showcased material from her twelfth

studio album, MDNA (2012)


Madonna celebrates her Birthday this month, what year was she


1958 <===============

(born August 16, 1958)


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week 5 of 5

This week these answers come courtesy of Treoes

Madonna has been topping the charts since the 1980s and had her last UK Number 1 in 2008 with Justin Timberlake, but was the title of this song?

4 Minutes X
10 Minutes
1 Minute

Elton John’s first UK number 1 was in 1976 with Don’t Go Breaking By Heart, who featured on this hit single with him?

Dusty Springfield
Kiki Dee X

Lionel Richie is known for having hits across the decades but only one of his songs reached number 1 in the UK Charts, which of his songs achieved this?

Endless Love
My Destiny
Hello X

Michael Jackson started his pop career as a member of The Jackson 5 in the 1960s but which song are these lyrics from ‘Another day has gone, I'm still all alone, How could this be, You're not here with me’

You Are Not Alone X
Earth Song
Billie Jean

Which artist had hits across the decades with these three songs: The Jean Genie, Ashes to Ashes and Where Are We Now?

Phil Collins
Rod Stewart
David Bowie X

Which Prince song was famously ‘sung’ in the bath by Julia Roberts in the film Pretty Woman?

Kiss X
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
When Doves Cry

Cher is known for her ever changing style almost as much as her songs but which song in 1998 stayed at number 1 in the UK charts for 7 weeks?

I Got You Babe
If I Could Turn Back Time
Believe X

Which successful artist is behind these 3 hits: Chain Reaction, Upside Down, I’m Still Waiting?

Diana Ross X
Whitney Houston
Carole King

Which artist sang these songs – Superstition, I Just Called to Say I Love You and You Are The Sunshine Of My Life?

Paul McCartney
Stevie Wonder X

Which artist was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou?

Max George
Boy George
George Michael X


A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the answers over the last month. Fingers crossed that one of us wins, eh?! x

Good luck marba and thanks x
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