Weekly: Chat Magazine Competition Answers to Issue 20 Deadline: 2nd June 2009

Go to the web site puzzlesandprizes.co.uk and scroll down to "Not a member yet: click here to register". Registration is quick and easy. Below you will find the issue number, click on it after registration to enter your answers. There are alot of cash prizes.


1) 6 x £30 cash - SPOT
2) £1001 cash - PAIRS OF SHOES
3) £1000 cash - EX HUSBANDS
4) £250 cash - 1,8,2
5) 5 x £30 cash - MEERKAT
6) £100 cash - FALSE BOOBS
7) £100 cash - SARONG
5 x £50 cash - 2D
9) £500 cash - STRAWBERRIES
10) £50 cash - ST BERNARD DOG
11) £100 cash - EARS
12) £500 cash - SCOOBY-DOO
13) £100 cash - ROBOT
14) £100 cash - STAN STILL
15) £250 cash - 21000
16) £250 cash - ORANGES
17) 5 x £25 cash - COD
18) Home entertainment system - PAMPERED

Good Luck!


Original Poster

As requested here are the answers gang. you must hurry as issue 18 closes in 1 day on 19th May 2009. Someone from here has won £50 quid from these competitions so yes we all have a chance. Well nothing to lose anyhow. Good Luck!

Thanks very much for ur time I really appreciate u spent lots of time to complete and post all the answers thanks again. Just entered

H&R. Thanks


Thanks very much!


Heat added, thank you for all the hard work.

These make sitting through ITV shows look a breeze. Heat added to all the mag comps

Rapes, mutilation, torture & death. What sort of audience do these magazine headlines aim for?
Hell, who cares, just give me the prize

Great stuff - thank you very much!

Entered thanks lexa:-D

Many thanks.

Entered, http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/5910/thankyouinhandwriting.jpg

Thank you:thumbsup:

Thanks Lexa, PS I'll come over if you still have that candy !!! :roll::roll:

Original Poster


Thanks Lexa, PS I'll come over if you still have that candy !!! … Thanks Lexa, PS I'll come over if you still have that candy !!! :roll::roll:

there is always candy ;-)


I think it is really kind of you to do the quizzes and post the answers on here, much appreciated!!

Thank you.

Heat/rep added
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