★ Weekly game codes giveaway 131 ★

The competition is simple. Each week, there'll be about 10 games up for grabs. For FREE. All you need to do is choose a game. That's it.
The competition will run for about a week, with entries closing the following weekend.

1. Each person can 'like' one game from each group. (e.g., A2 and B5)
2. You must have been a HUKD member for at least one month, and have at least one badge (and some activity).
3. Any person with multiple 'likes' within the same section will be disqualified from that section.

There will be two sets of games. Please 'like' one from each section.

At the end of each competition, an online number generator will determine the winner from the list of 'likes' for each game.

Game codes will typically be either Steam, Origin, Uplay/Ubisoft or Desura. Some HUKD members have also very kindly donated spare keys/codes which they currently have. If you have any spare keys, please feel free to PM me.

While I do my best to ensure codes have not been accidentally activated or expired due to unforeseen reasons, I will endeavour to deliver to you one unused, non-activated code. In the event that there are any issues with activation codes, or winners/games wrongly assigned, I will do my best to resolve those. Thank you.


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This is a placeholder. Please do not post anything until all 14 posts are complete. Thanks


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This week's games:

AAA/'premium indie' games

[GAME A1] Tomb Raider: Anniversary | Steam
[GAME A2] Thief | Steam
[GAME A3] Giana Sisters Twisted Bundle (inc. Twisted Sisters and Rise of the Owlverlord) | Steam
[GAME A4] Contagion | Steam
[GAME A5] Chivalry: Medieval Warfare | Steam

Indie games

[GAME B1] Visibility | Steam
[GAME B2] Hospital Tycoon | Steam
[GAME B3] Fort Defense | Steam
[GAME B4] Outland - Special Edition | Steam
[GAME B5] The Bridge | Steam


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... and while you're here.

Weekly sales and giveaways
Huge list of Full Commercial Single Player FREE PC Games (thanks to james4809).
Steam Weeklong Deals can be found here.
Origin On The House Deals can be found here.
IndieGala Giveaways can be found here.

Enhanced Steam
Many people will already know about this, but the Enhanced Steam browser add-in is great, a very helpful addition to Steam. Check the site for details, but in summary, it highlights the content on Steam you already own, highlights games on your wishlist, displays pricing history for each game, and shows you Metacritic user scores.

Also from the same creator, Idle Master is an excellent way to extract those Steam trading cards owed to you by the games in your library, with minimal effort.

Wasted on Steam
Quite a cool little site. Calculate your hours on Steam, and compare them against your friends, and global statistics. Enter your profile details to calculate the total hours you've wasted, erm, spent on Steam as well as your account worth!

Splatoon shoot-outs
Enjoying this excellent Wii U shooter? Get yourself over to Domislice's thread here to join in HUKD's regular shoot-outs!

Fallout 4 - Vault-Tec in Concord
For those still enjoying their time with Fallout 4, here's a gift from bandwidthbob, original founder of this competition. Vault-Tec in Concord adds a Vault-Tec office in Concord that has been taken over by Raiders - complete with a workbench, full navmesh, map marker, fast travel, medkits, and lootable items (10 ammo crates, 5 chests, 4 safes). You can download the mod from NexusMods over here.

Console game communities
PS4 discussion
Wii U discussion and list of HUKD members' Nintendo Network IDs.

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[GAME A2] Thief | Steam

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[GAME A4] Contagion | Steam

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[GAME B1] Visibility | Steam

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[GAME B3] Fort Defense | Steam

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[GAME B5] The Bridge | Steam

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Thanks Illusionary..


Much appreciated dude!



Thanks Illusionary!

Thanks dudeski, good luck everyone

thanks rob have a great weekend buddy

Thanks Illusionary.

Thanks OP

thank you


thx op


Cheers mate, thanks again

Best of luck to all!

Thanks Rob!


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The competition is now closed. I will draw the results soon, and will send out a PM via HUKD to the winners as soon as I can!

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The competition is now closed. I've drawn the results, and will send out a PM via HUKD to the winners as soon as I can!

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not respond to your PM, I will not send the code, as there are a lot of new accounts being created for this competition, which aren't being checked. If I don't receive a response within one week, I'll assume that your account is inactive and will re-use the code for a future giveaway.

Also, feel free to contact me first -- I'm restricted to how many PMs I can send at one time, so it makes it much easier if you contact me first

This week's winners are:

[GAME A1] Tomb Raider: Anniversary | Lymmguineas
[GAME A2] Thief | SupremeJaguar
[GAME A3] Giana Sisters Twisted Bundle (inc. Twisted Sisters and Rise of the Owlverlord) | Femstar
[GAME A4] Contagion | Jesse148
[GAME A5] Chivalry: Medieval Warfare | siwrath

[GAME B1] Visibility | alfreer1
[GAME B2] Hospital Tycoon | MarkBurs
[GAME B3] Fort Defense | zidnrfhwvbytk
[GAME B4] Outland - Special Edition | mallie21
[GAME B5] The Bridge | llywmog

Thanks to everyone that took part. Please check out the new competition!
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