★★ Weekly game codes giveaway 150 ★★ CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ★★ UPDATE: THREE ways to win!

    UPDATE: 'flash' giveaways now also running! See the comments, from #185 onwards.


    WELCOME to my special end-of-year and Christmas bumper competition! This week, I have over 60 - yes, SIXTY - games to give away, with over seven chances for everyone to win. All that you need to do is to choose your games, and hope that your luck comes in.

    The competition will run through until after Christmas - I'll be aiming to draw the winners on Boxing Day (26 December).

    This will be my last competition for this year - but I'll be back again with a new competition in the first week of January.

    1. Each person can enter to win one game from each group, by 'liking' the appropriate post for that game (e.g., A2, B5, C3, etc.).
    2. Any person with multiple 'likes' within the same section will be disqualified from that section.
    3. To enter for the main competion, you must have been a HUKD member for at least one month, and have at least one badge, in addition to the standard 'rank' badges (and some activity on the site).

    Now, I know that there will be many new members joining the site in the run-up to Christmas, and there's something here for you to. As well as the main competition, I have a bonus THIRTY games for PC to give away, as a random draw from amongst those commenting in reply to this thread, without the membership and activity conditions for eligibility. These games are a mix of 15 AAA/'premium indie' games and 15 smaller titles, and include top-tier games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Walking Dead and Civilization V.

    I'd also encourage everyone to subscribe to the thread as well as posting - there will be a few more giveaways to come here as we approach the end of the year!

    There are six sets of games - please 'like' my post for up to one game from each section.

    These are mostly games for PC, but console gamers need not feel left out - look down to set G and make your pick!

    At the end of each competition, an online number generator will determine the winners from the list of 'likes' for each game, as well as for the bonus winners from amongst the commenters to the thread. I will send a PM to each winner - you must reply to this within one week to claim your prize.

    Game codes will typically be for Steam (most common), Origin or Uplay, kindly donated by HUKD members. If you have any spare keys that you'd like to donate to the competition, please feel free to send a PM to me.

    I will endeavour to deliver to you one unused, non-activated code, but occasionally there may be codes that are expired, already claimed or otherwise non-functional. In the event that there are any issues with activation codes, or winners/games wrongly assigned, I will do my best to resolve those. Thank you.

    So, without further ado....


    Original Poster

    Don't forget, everyone - if you want a chance to win in my bonus competition, make sure to POST AT LEAST ONE COMMENT in reply to the thread!

    Edited by: "Illusionary" 16th Dec 2016

    Cheers Illusionary I love these competitions and likewise if I'm lucky enough to win something I've already got then I'll donate it straight back

    Original Poster

    ... and while you're here.

    Weekly sales and giveaways
    Huge list of Full Commercial Single Player FREE PC Games (thanks to james4809).
    Steam Weeklong Deals can be found here.
    Origin On The House Deals can be found here.
    IndieGala Giveaways can be found here.

    Enhanced Steam
    Many people will already know about this, but the Enhanced Steam browser add-in is great, a very helpful addition to Steam. Check the site for details, but in summary, it highlights the content on Steam you already own, highlights games on your wishlist, displays pricing history for each game, and shows you Metacritic user scores.

    Also from the same creator, Idle Master is an excellent way to extract those Steam trading cards owed to you by the games in your library, with minimal effort.

    Wasted on Steam
    Quite a cool little site. Calculate your hours on Steam, and compare them against your friends, and global statistics. Enter your profile details to calculate the total hours you've wasted, erm, spent on Steam as well as your account worth!

    Splatoon shoot-outs
    Enjoying this excellent Wii U shooter? Get yourself over to Domislice's thread here to join in HUKD's regular shoot-outs!

    Console game communities
    PS4 discussion
    Wii U discussion and list of HUKD members' Nintendo Network IDs.

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    [GAME B1] Poker Night 2 | Steam

    Original Poster
    [GAME B3] Her Story | Steam

    Original Poster
    [GAME B5] Devil Daggers | Steam

    Original Poster
    [GAME C5] Saints Row 2 | Steam

    Original Poster
    [GAME D1] Gravi | Steam

    Original Poster
    [GAME E1] Psychonauts | Steam

    Original Poster
    [GAME E4] Thief (2014) | Steam

    Original Poster
    [GAME E5] Sacred 3 Gold | Steam

    Original Poster
    [GAME F5] Stikbold | Steam

    Original Poster
    [GAME G1] Max: The Curse of Brotherhood | Xbox 360

    Original Poster
    [GAME G2] Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes | PS4

    Original Poster
    [GAME G3] Okami HD | PS3 (US)

    Original Poster
    [GAME G4] Gears of War | Xbox 360

    Original Poster
    [GAME G5] Affordable Space Adventures | Wii U
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