Posted 1st Jan 2014
The results are in! This week's competition is now closed.

This week's winners are:

A. Batman™: Arkham City GOTY -- gordonjwilson
B. Populous -- CWhatley
C. Serious Sam 3: BFE -- teh arn
D. Garry's Mod -- robw_123
E. Dead Space -- waz5574

Thanks to everyone that took part. There will be a new competition starting this weekend! Check back for details here!
UPDATE: New competition can be found here --…208


I've decided to start a weekly game codes giveaway competition. Some HUKD members have also very kindly donated spare keys/codes which they currently have.

So each week, there'll be 5 games up for grabs. For FREE. All you need to do is choose a number. The competition will run for a week (slightly longer for this first one), and run through the week, with entries closing at midnight on Friday. Game codes will typically be either Steam, Origin, Uplay/Ubisoft or Desura.

At the end of each week, 5 winners will be randomly selected. Once the results are in, I will contact the 5 winners via PM on this forum with their winning game activation code(s).

This week's 5 FREE games are:

A. Batman™: Arkham City GOTY
B. Populous
C. Serious Sam 3: BFE
D. Garry's Mod
E. Dead Space

Good luck.

We'll keep this quite simple, but here are the basic rules.

1. Entries should not be edited, as the details will be updated for others to see.
2. Each person gets 1 number to choose (not 1 per game, but only 1 overall). EXAMPLE: A12, or E17.
3. You must have been a HUKD member for at least 1 month.

While we'll collectively do our best to ensure codes have not been accidentally activated or expired due to unforeseen reasons, we will endeavor to deliver to you one unused, non-activated code.

An online number generator will determine the 5 winners at the end of each week. I will manage this, and if requested, I will gladly post the results (time stamped for your assurance).
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