Weekly Game Codes Giveaway 29

Weekly Game Codes Giveaway 29

The competition is simple. Each week, there'll be about 10 games (or more) up for grabs. For FREE. All you need to do is choose a number. That's it.

The competition will run for a week, with entries closing at midnight each Friday.

1. Each person can enter 3 times this week, and gets 1 number to choose from each section (A-E, F-V and DLCA-DLCK). EXAMPLE: C4, G7, DLCC3 etc.
2. Entries should not be edited, as the details will be updated for others to see.
3. You must have been a HUKD member for at least 1 month, and have at least one badge.

For this week's FREE games, see the screenshots below. Good luck!

And now, for the boring stuff.

There will be an initial screenshot of all the available numbers for the week. I will do my best to update the screenshot as often as possible. Once you see the latest screenshot on the most recent page of the thread, then check that against other requests made after that (the screenshot will reflect the last update, ie, "up to and including post #9"). If you have requested a duplicate number, I will randomly select an alternative number. If you choose a random number (that isn't on the table at all), I may not get back to you, and your entry won't count, so please check.

At the end of each week, the winners will be randomly selected. Once the results are in, I will contact the winners via PM on this forum with their winning game activation code(s). PLEASE NOTE: If you do not respond to your PM, I will not send the code, as there are a lot of new accounts being created for this competition, which aren't being checked (more than 20 unclaimed codes so far). I will send your winning game code back to you, once you've replied, and as soon as I have time. An online number generator will determine the winners at the end of each week.

Game codes will typically be either Steam, Origin, Uplay/Ubisoft or Desura. Some HUKD members have also very kindly donated spare keys/codes which they currently have. If you have any spare keys, there will be a banner posted throughout this thread pointing to a donations thread.

While I do my best to ensure codes have not been accidentally activated or expired due to unforseen reasons, I will endeavor to deliver to you one unused, non-activated code. In the event that there are any issues with activation codes, or winners/games wrongly assigned, I will do my best to resolve those. I don't have a computer doing all this work for me. I am not a robot. I am SteamkeyBob. Some of these codes for the Bargain Bin may not work.


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I also have a few Steam coupons -- please ask if you're after anything.

90% off on the title Serious Sam 2.
(Valid until 17 July 2014 08:32:37)

50% off on the title The Promised Land.
(Valid until 17 July 2014 08:35:12)

75% off on the title The Culling Of The Cows.
(Valid until 17 July 2014 13:02:00)

66% off on the title Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals.
(Valid until 17 July 2014 13:44:43)

50% off on the title Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals.
(Valid until 17 July 2014 13:44:43)

50% off on the title Nihilumbra.
(Valid until 17 July 2014 13:57:38)

20% off on the title MouseCraft.
(Valid until 26/07/2014 07:59:00)

Don't forget about these free games -- Ghost Recon Phantoms, Plants vs. Zombies & Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory


Other FREE Games

1,000,000 Steam keys a week, for the next 5 weeks, courtesy of PC Gamer and Bundle Stars. Free Steam keys can be found here (thanks to SunflowerWishes).

Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition for Steam.

Enhanced Steam
Sure everybody already knows about this, but this Enhanced Steam browser add-in is great. For those of you using Steam, it's really helpful. Check the site for details, but in summary, it highlights the content on Steam you already own, highlights games on your wishlist, displays pricing history for each game, and shows you Metacritic User Scores. Thought I'd share that

Wasted on Steam
Quite a cool little site. Calculate your hours on Steam, and compare them against your friends, and global statistics. Enter your profile details to calculate the total hours you've wasted, erm, spent on Steam as well as your account worth!

I'm also looking for some Borderlands 2 co-op action. Please check out this thread here.


Borderlands 2 SHIFT Codes
If you currently play Borderlands 2, and you're after some extra Shift Codes, then make sure you swing by this thread. Lots of codes for Golden Keys, Guns, Skins & More! All of them can be copied and pasted directly into Borderlands 2 (thanks to Relievo).
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E1 and S1 please Bob

C 18 and K8

Thanks Bob

B3 and K3 please

B15 and S5 please Bob

B5 and R5 please Bob

D16 please. Thanks.

Just P7 for me please Bob.

B1 and k1 please

C 13 please

B25 and Q5 please

M1 A1 please (hopefully if you listen to Gorillaz you will understand my choice :p)

C10 & K5 please Bob, Thanks

A2 please bob

E13 & K2 Please, and Thanks BWB..
Edited by: "Forgottenshopper" 11th Jul 2014

H6 please

P5 please

A10 & V10 Please, thanks!!

E5 and V5 please, Bob.

A8 and N8 Please Bob

B20 and G10 or anything along those lines please . xD

b26 & h2 please bob

E1 & Q1 please Bob, thanks again!

B8 pls
Edited by: "apollolo" 11th Jul 2014

B33 and Q3 please

Could I get any of the Bs please if they are free Bob

C6 and R6 please

Edited by: "Daytrader" 11th Jul 2014

E14 & S6 Please.
Edited by: "Khorium" 11th Jul 2014

B7 & T7 please! And if either of those are taken then any other from those lines. Many thanks

B25 and U6 please.

Edited by: "Slinkeh" 11th Jul 2014

B24 Please!

Any spare V please Bob

A27 and K6 please Bob thanks

B4 and R9 please Bob

C25 & H9

B29 and T6 please Bob

D10 please. Cheers Bob.
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