Posted 12th Jan 2023
Welcome to my weekly videogame giveaway, here on HUKD for over nine years now! Each week, there will be about five games up for grabs - typically via Steam keys, but the platform will be listed against each game. All you need to do is choose a game - that's it.

1. Each person can enter to win one game, by 'liking' the appropriate post for that game.
2. Any person with multiple 'likes' will be disqualified from that section.
3. Entrants should have more than negligible activity on HUKD.
4. The competition will run for about a week, with entries closing the following weekend.
5. At the end of each competition, a random number generator will determine the winners from the list of 'likes' for each game.
6. I will contact each winner by @ notification. You must reply to this within one week to claim your prize.
7. Occasionally there may be codes that are expired, already claimed or otherwise non-functional. Unfortunately I can't usually verify donations without claiming them myself, but please let me know if you have any issues with a winning key.

Key to this competition's ongoing success are generous donations from members here. If you have any unused keys that you're not otherwise using, please consider donating those for me to use - all that you need to do is send a PM. Thanks in advance!
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    [GAME A1] Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic | Steam
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    [GAME A3] Bad North | Steam
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    [GAME A5] This War Of Mine | Steam
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    [GAME A4] Star Trek: Bridge Crew (VR) | Steam
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    [GAME A2] Poker Night 2 | Steam
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    Please do not post anything until all nine posts are complete.

    Also, please do not "reply" against any of the competition entry posts, just add a new comment at the end if you'd like. Thanks.

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    This week's games:

    [GAME A1] Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic | Steam
    [GAME A2] Poker Night 2 | Steam
    [GAME A3] Bad North | Steam
    [GAME A4] Star Trek: Bridge Crew (VR) | Steam
    [GAME A5] This War Of Mine | Steam
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    ...and while you're here.

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    Thanks Illusionary..
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    Thanks Rob & donors!
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    Thanks mate.
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    Big thanks Illusionary
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    Thanks Rob
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    It's super awesome to see this still going! Great work Rob
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    The competition is now closed. I've drawn the results, as set out below.

    Can all winners please send a PM to me (see my post below) to confirm that you're still active on the site; I'll then send back your winning key. Note that if you do not respond, I will not send the code, and I'll allow one week for a reply. If I don't hear from you by then, I'll assume that your account is inactive and will re-use the code for a future giveaway.

    [GAME A1] Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic | kenneth.akintola
    [GAME A2] Poker Night 2 | Romalat
    [GAME A3] Bad North | Femstar
    [GAME A4] Star Trek: Bridge Crew (VR) | TheCarefrees
    [GAME A5] This War Of Mine | bignigglet

    Thanks to everyone who took part. Please check out the new competition!
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