Posted 14th Aug 2022
I always thought our weekly shop was expensive for a family of 6. Around £160-£200 a week. Yet I'm out on holiday in Antigua and we done about a 5 day shop and it came to £235. I know alot of stuff costs higher because of imports but wowzer I did not expect it to be they high. They had frozen pizzas with £1 picture on the actual box on but charge £5 each lol. Makes me feel better about our UK shopping now!!
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    How on earth do you spend £160-£200 per week on food shopping? You must be shopping at Tesco\Morrisons I guess and buying all the main brands.

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    Don't buy branded and you could save enough to eat what you want in antigua. Guarantee the kids wont notice.
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    Hope you found a place that serves full English breafast every morning.
    And EastEnders on TV
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    If you are buying frozen pizza in Antigua with a £1 picture on the box (presumably) then that's where your money has gone.....

    Buy fresh, buy local.

    We have a house in Antigua and don't buy anything that isn't from the islands.
    Yes I'm guessing local stores would be better. Beautiful island though and we ate out yesterday at a beach diner with Lobster. Would love to have a house here.
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    If youa re on holiday, why are you shopping? Shouldn't you be having your meals at restaurants? (edited)
    We are a family of 6 and it would cost a fortune for all inclusive. We much prefer hiring a villa and car then do what we want. Get some food in or eat out. Maybe when we're just a couple and the kids are all grown up we will go for the all inclusive holidays.
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    Who’s doing a big shop in Antigua though really, effing Jack Sparrow here. (edited)
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