Weekly: Take a Break Magazine Issue 18

Expirey Date - 17/05/2010
Take a Break Issue 18

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Issue 18 page 3 25 X £50 4-Squared: - CATS

Issue 18 page 3 25 X £50 Mega Snap: - 47

Issue 18 page 6 Win a Chevrolet Spark: - STEERED

Issue 18 page 22 £3000 The Big Bonanza: - ASIDE

Issue 18 page 28 5 X £100 Now 4 Something Different: - CHEF ATTACK

Issue 18 page 28 36 Prizes Without Puzzles:

A - 15 x Years Supply of Webbox Cats Delights
B - 3 x His & Hers Ridgeway Bicycles
C - 18 x Dazzling Silver Jewellery Sets

Feel free to try for them all!

Issue 18 page 33 £2500 The Big Relax: - DIGRESSED

Issue 18 page 34 £250 Strike It Lucky: - CUCUMBER SANDWICH

Issue 18 page 36 £1500 in Shopping Vouchers: - 415

Issue 18 page 40 £500 Code Breaker: - EXEMPT

Issue 18 page 44 £1000 Arrow Word: - RAMPAGED

Issue 18 page 46 Pick Your Dream Holiday: - ALLERGIC TO CATS

Issue 18 page 49 £100 Starscope: - JOAN COLLINS

Issue 18 page 50 2 X £500 Oops, I Shrunk the Puzzle!: - SLOWER

Issue 18 page 53 Supermarket Bet: - EATS


Page 22 - The Big Bonanza - A choice of prizes up to the value of £3,000,
holidays, cash, entertainment centre, jewellery etc.

Page 46 - Pick a dream holiday -

Week for 6 in Scotland - Based on 6 people sharing 3 rooms, staying in a fully equipped cottage with all the mod cons in the Scottish highlands around Loch Lomond,
Includes £500 towards expenses

Fortnight for 2 in Florida - Flying from London to Miami you'll pick up a hire car to Key Largo where you will stay at a resort hotel for 14 nights, This 2 week holiday is based on 2 adults sharing a room & includes return travel & £500 towards meals & expenses

Shopping break in Abu Dhabi - Based at a luxurious 5* hotel our 4 night break for 2 will let you experience it all, Based on 2 people sharing a room & includes return flights & £1,000
towards expenses

Family Holiday in Holland - One week holiday is based on 2 adults, 2 children under 12 sharing a bungalow, includes return travel, £500 towards expenses, staying at the Center Parks based at De Eemhof, near Amsterdam

Our Holiday Prizes can be taken any time before the end of 2010, excluding bank hols & xmas.

Supermarket Bet - We give you 5 mins to run up & down the supermarket aisles (of your choice) we'll also ask you to guess how much you'll clock up at the till, guess within £50 either way & you get a bonus cheque of £250, guess £25 either way & you get a bonus £500,
you can nominate someone else to run on your behalf, you're allowed to grab any goods excluding cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol & other non-grocery items)

Good Luck.


thankyou for the answers korky

Thank you!



Original Poster

just added the t&c's/details for the Pick your dream holiday, takes me a while typing them out
as not a fast typer, good luck x


I just got the page up without having to log in, does that mean it hasn't gone through as me??? Anyone know what to do???


Original Poster


I just got the page up without having to log in, does that mean it hasn't … I just got the page up without having to log in, does that mean it hasn't gone through as me??? Anyone know what to do???

that's strange, must admit i've never ome across anyone not having to log in to enter,
tbh, if it was me i'd make sure i'd logged in, you can't disqualify yourself as it will only take your first entry into the competition, so, way i see it, if it has gone through, it won't hurt to log in & redo it,
it says this on thier F&Q's page..

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With Internet Explorer, click on Tools, Delete browsing history, for the Temporary Internet Files option click Delete files.
With Safari click on the Safari Menu then the Empty cache option.
With FireFox click on the FireFox Menu, then Preferences, click the Advanced Icon, then the Network tab and click on the clear now button for Cache


Thank you.

Entered, http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/4803/thankyouelephants.gif

Many thanks

thanks mate

Thanks korky:thumbsup:


THANK YOU!:thumbsup:

thanks :thumbsup:
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