Weenicons - Mr T items - help please

Found 3rd Dec 2009
Can any clever person tell me what they do in this character - want to get some joke Mr T / A team Weenicon stuff for a birthday. I have seen the little china MR T person, a mobile phone charm and a canvas but that is it. Has anyone seen any different stuff? Is there one particular site that is good for getting the weenicon items? Thanks
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they sell t shirts with cartoon version of mr t on, OH has one cant remeber where its from though soz x
Try eBay for the tshirts, also other mr t stuff
my OH is in to these too.
Got him one of the tshirts from tkmaxx for a fiver.
also seen greeting cards,mugs,posters etc on ebay
can anyone add some links please - I can't find much at all
have one of the cards already ..not really interested in the mugs or posters
i have a pair of socks with him on. £3 outta new look

i have a pair of socks with him on. £3 outta new look

what mens? would love some of these

tshirts on … tshirts on amazonhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Weenicons-T-Shirt-Pity-Fool-Team/dp/B002TIK696/ref=sr_1_30?ie=UTF8&s=clothing&qid=1259869389&sr=8-30

Loads of stuff on ]Amazon :thumbsup:

what mens? would love some of these

yeah, mens

yeah, mens

Can someone link to this product please? I found it the other day on the site but I can't find it now and can't remember how I did it last time. cheers
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