Found 21st Jul 2010
Need to buy a few different ones. Its for a friend. It would make her very very happy. Anyone know where i can buy these from


The weepul (also known as a weeple, wuppie, or wuppet) is a small, spherical, fluffy toy, with large, plastic googly eyes, and no limbs
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Are these the little gonk type things that you used to stick on PCs or drawers etc? I used to have loads of them when I was younger. Didn't know they were called that though. Used to get them as freebies from companies with their names on a ribbon coming out of their feet. That was about 30 years ago LOL

What about Amazon or Toysrus?
yes yes thats the one. i need to get my hands on them!
looked in ebay amazon no luck =(
Will have a wee look around for - god those really take me back! Probably a lot more updated now though and cute.

They're also called logobugs (we used to call them wee bugs). There's a few places that make them but think you may have to bulk order as they're for promotions and stuff.

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