Anyone know the best place to get a decent weight training bench that allows you to use a bar for chest press, not bothered about all the other fancy bits.

    Thank you.


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    Hi, quite happy to get the weights seperate.

    Is this type of bench any good? how sturdy is it and is the size of the mat big enough for your back ?

    Many Thanks

    They're very sturdy and the back cushion/pad is quite narrow, but that helps when lowering the weights to your chest, by not restricting arm movement.

    yeah its a good bench. got one myself for the same price as above from argos

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    A lot of people slag off these "cheap" benches, are they really OK ?

    Hi There

    I have a weider bench which is similar to that pictured below link..I've had it for around 3 years and can vouch for its quality build. You can't go wrong with Weider equiptment!
    Check out ebay - you should be able to pick one up for £30..
    The bench pictured earlier in this thread, seems like the York bench's - nice to look at, but can't handle any real weight..

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    Thanks, thats pretty much what I thought.

    will have a look
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