Weight-loss enhancing supplements (CLA etc.)

Found 30th Sep 2007
Hi guys just wondering if anyone knew of any good deals on any supplements to help aid weight loss. Before people say, I know exercise and a good diet is the way to go; im doing that, I just wanted to add some supplements to it, even as a placebo to make me feel im doing everything possible :giggle:
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Lecithin from Hollands and Barratts. Its a powder suppliment that you sprinkle on your cereal in the morning like sugar. Its supposed to help break down the fatty stuff in your body and release it into the normal waste system. So you literally poo yourself thin!!
They had some "weight loss tablets" in holland & Barrett think they are suppose to speed up metabolism

Dont know if they are any good but they were £1.99 in the sale from about £7
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