Found 20th Jul 2007
Does anyone have the weight and dimensions of an Xbox 360 premium box with all contents inside ?

Fwibble is in dire need of them


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as far as im concerened its no more then the ps3 which weighs 8kg. i'd say around 5-6


Doh.............i got rid of one today. Sorry too late now. :-(

says 6.72kg on the ebuyer site ....but they can be unreliable...says 7kg on Amazon...
forgot to say that was for a premium..

Its about 7.5kg

Original Poster

thanks all, maybe Fwibble has got a tape measure now or a ruler lol

Saxo - the measurements for the premium box are 31.7cm x 29.4cm x 18.7cm

Original Poster

thanks everyone,

FWIBBLE everything you need is right above mate,

thanks to all !!
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