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    Anyone know of a free weight training booklet (even if it is only PDF)? I need one with diagrams. By weights I really mean the small 3k ones rather than the gym type. I need to know how to put them to effective use, so any help would be appreciated.


    Check out [url][/url], loads on there all free.

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    Check out ], loads on there all free.

    Thanks for that. I will take a deeper look at the site, but I have a feeling it might be too advanced for me.

    What are you trying to do ? Build muscle, tone, where abouts etc ?

    cant do much with 3kg unless your a women, and even then your pushing it.…es/

    link shows pictures/videos to exercises you can do, just click on the bodypart you want and watch…tml

    This site is pretty good...quite old school but does the trick.
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