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    Can anybody help,i have been doing weight watchers myself just at home since last september and have lost 2st 6lb i worked it out i shud be on 21 points a day and then i lost my 1st stone and dropped a point when i dropped another stone i still stuck at 20 points a day as i was quite happy with wot i had lost and didnt really want to lose any more, i am currently trying to stick to it mon-fri with a break at weekends but also im going over in the week by a couple of points sum days.I am still losing 1-2lb a week for sum reason,to be honest i never stop walking as i dont drive and my job involves a lot of walking back and to stocking up in a shop,when i calculated how many points i need a day i said that i was mainly on the move but does any1 think cos the amount of walking im actually doiing im gaining more points i can use or is that already included in my points allowance with saying i am mainly on the go if that makes sense to any1,any feedbk woud be helpful

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    I can see why! you are hyperactive!

    it will flatten out as your body gets used to it
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