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    Currently doing ww and fancy some pasta for my tea tomoz,the pack says a 75g serving {b4 cooking}contains x amount of cals,sat fat etc and then it states when cooked 170g, so does that mean i calcalate my points on the 75g serving even though its 170g when cooked,hope this makes sense to any1 doing ww thanks


    Hi not sure if this helps, but i go by uncooked weight. I have bought the ww scales now because they are so much easier and accurate with things like that i get to eat more! (p.s i've lost 36 lbs so far)

    pretty sure it goes on the cooked weight as that is what your body has to burn off even though you have only added water its the finished product you have to burn off, if that makes sense

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    U know i have lost the same amount too but i dont attend the meetings and i always get confused with the uncooked weight and vice versa


    ]http//ww…tml WW calculator online

    Hi, i have just text my leader and its weigh before you cook.

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    So i have just weighed out 75g of pasta and calculated its 4 points,when cooked its 170g so does this still mean its 4 points and not about 10 as when cooked its more than double its weight,thanks

    yeah 4 points. water is free lol

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    Thanks 4 the help,will be able to enjoy my pasta nw,ohhhh just eaten a ww choc eclair-delish

    mmm, lush lol. Its my weigh tonight so i have a treat and have a takeaway lol

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    I had a chinese takeaway last nite and sum birthday cake was my husbands birthday,really enjoyed it,only trouble after losing all this weight is i need a whole new wardrobe-oh dear lol

    i know that feeling lol. good excuse to go shopping though. I still got a bit to go yet though so i dont buy too much.

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    think im about done now weigh 8st 4,dont think i best lose any more dont want to be to thin,made up with ww though really didnt think i wud stick to it amazing how easy it was

    Yeah it is a nice plan, you can eat anything too. i dont think you need to lose anymore either lol. maintenance is the key now, means you get to eat a little more too.

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    heard i can use upto 6 xtra points a day is that true now im at my goal weight

    i'll check for you tomorrow and let you know, it goes on your finishing weight etc. I think it is around that.

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    thanks a lot for all yr help look 4ward to hearing wot extra points i can have
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