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    Hi was wondering if anybody can help,i notice now that there bread,cakes etc r now calcalated in pro points,what i want to know is,are they using the same recipes as before but now because they calcalate it in propoints is that why the points allowances on certain items have gone up like the malted danish bread was half a point a slice and its now 1 point a slice now its gone to propoints.Hope this makes sense to somebody,thing thing is i dont attend meetings and never have done i just follow ww at home so i cant even ask a leader


    I'm pretty sure the recipe is the same and they have just changed the points due to the new way they are calculated. No-one ever mentioned a change in recipe anyway.

    yep used to work out the points by how much sat fat and cals in food now propoints is based on how much protein,carbs,fat and fibre is in it. i have been using it for past week quite good now means most fruit and veg are 0 points

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    Thanks alot for your feedback, much apprieated

    Hi you get more pro points, most people i know are on 29 (including myself) a day, you also get further allowance of 49 pro points per week if you should need them for wine, meal out etc. most fruit and veg are now free and as bellows explains all food calcuated different. I bought the new calculator and find it fantastic as can not get to grips with new wheel. Hope all this helps.
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