Weird Npower letter, need advice.

    Ok I had a flat last year for 6 months, moved out in September though spent most of July and August at familys.

    When I left I had about £55 in credit(since with my last student loan I put in £70 to last 5 months) but just recieved a letter saying that I owe them £55! and as I never gave forwarding address they have charged me £7 for the effort.

    So its £62 they want yet when I left I had £55 in credit, somethings not right somewhere, plus the fact I had a key meter not a contract meter so how can I owe them anything and there was no gas in property(bill says electric services)

    Will ring them tommorow but just wanted some advice before I do.


    I used to always get letters like that from them for Gas and Electric. I was pre pay meter too....hence why I'm no longer with them. Just explain what you've put in your post and it should be ok.

    The curse of n power.... would never ever touch them again. I left them almost 2 years ago... paid my final bill and they still say I owe them money too.....they said £10 was the min they would take but I stood my ground and pay them a fiver...when I feel like it!!!

    Would not touch Npower with a bargepole had loads of problems with them the hightlight being an erroneous transfer where they forged all my details.

    You know your facts and just stick to your guns with them thats what i did

    My son had the same problem when he left his flat - he phoned them & asked them to explain how he could run up a debit balance on a pre-paid meter. They apologised for the mistake.:thumbsup:

    estimated reads have been used to close your account, call them and they will wipe balance

    Did you give meter readings? Do you have them, and the date they were taken?

    so how can I owe them anything

    You can still be in debit/credit with key meter.

    Original Poster


    Did you give meter readings? Do you have them, and the date they were … Did you give meter readings? Do you have them, and the date they were taken?You can still be in debit/credit with key meter.

    I just took a photo of the amount in credit, have never gotten meter readings for a card meter before only contract meters

    It only had about £5 in emergency available so even if it went into emergency where would the other £50 come from.

    And thats even worse as how can £55 credit turn into £55 overdrawn.

    I also never signed anything just gave them my name when I rang up to get my own key.

    all meters are billed on reads regardless if key or credit, they would have closed account on a read higher than the actual read on meter meaning the read their using suggests credit has been used and now their accounts dont show enough top ups of the key to cover the amount of units they have billed!
    call them and they will see its based on estimates and balance will be wiped
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