weird phone call

    Just recieved a phone call, the voice sounded like a real person but the tone was constant.

    It said "is the lady of the house home"

    I said no she isnt

    it then said something about being a family photographer and film maker and did we have any children under 16 in house.

    I said no

    And it said something about thanks for your interest goodbye.

    Ie the voice never spoke to me directly and had a pause between my answer and its answer.


    I'd put £50 on it that its JDeal.

    He does stalk you.

    It could have been a voice recording played by someone to creep you out.

    I saw a video on Youtube where someone played a prank on a random people with pre-recorded lines Arnold Schwarzenegger has said in movies.

    strangly enough we had simalar call 6ish, said something about thanking us for filling in a questionaire, which we hadnt, unless it was one of our mates doing a prank, and that was from a photographers.


    I'd put £50 on it that its JDeal.He does stalk you.

    Don't start him off.....he'll start the "nobody loves me" paranoia again.

    Only joking buddy.....or am i??? ;-)

    I'd feel much more obliged if we do start him off for the night.

    I'd feel guilty though.

    My best recent one was a ten minute phone conversation asking loads of questions (many of which I said i'd not answer- anything about money or personal details etc) which ended up with the guy asking 'so on the whole, how do you feel as a Turkish person living in the UK' er, i'm not Turkish mate...

    Now that was bizarre!

    could be a child molester seeing if you had any kids or something?


    I don't stalk Ryouga, why would I stalk someone more unstable than me?

    I know I'm loved, I was told.

    By whom? :gift:

    My wife had a similar phone last night too?
    Some woman from a international number waffling on about the classification of childrens films and the lack of new family films. Asked my wife if she was concerned about the lack of new family films getting released, wife said no, and the caller hung up :?

    It was an automated call, i got one earlier and just hung up after 5 seconds.

    Best one I had was from a double glazing company.

    The guy spend 10 mins on the phone telling me how wonderful thier windows were made, and that I qualify for getting the back of the house done for free.

    We then had a 15 min conversation about how old the house was, how much heat I was losing etc.

    He then asked how many windows I had in my home, so I spent 5 mins pretending to walk around the house counting them, then stopped at 63............he asked if he had heard me properly, I said yes & asked if I could have a free conservatory too, then started chuckling.....he put the phone down on me lol

    I get my 3 year old to sing Jingle Bells down the phone to all the cretins in India that like to harass my phone. :-D

    Hmm, my mother got a call last night which said
    automated voice: You're going to die!
    my mum said: Oh really?! I AM?
    a.v: Yes motherf**ker!




    I get my 3 year old to sing Jingle Bells down the phone to all the … I get my 3 year old to sing Jingle Bells down the phone to all the cretins in India that like to harass my phone. :-D

    only the cretins in india ??
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