Weird Question.... Would my O2 contract sim work in an iPhone? [Please Read]

    Im considering selling my O2 XDA Ignito (HTC Touch Diamond) and using the money to buy an iPhone. Im currently 7 months into an 18 month contract with O2 where I get unlimited internet etc. However, ive been told that even though I get unlimited internet with my O2 Contract its a completely different thing on the iPhone.

    So would all of my current contract perks like unlimited internet be usable on the iPhone? Or will I get charged for the internet I use on it?

    I figured an O2 contract is an O2 contract at the end of the day, im constantly changing phones with no problems but im being led to believe the iPhone is a different thing altogether

    Any help greatly appreciated :-)


    I believe that you can use your o2 sim and the data inclusive minutes for internet browsing. What you won't get is the iphone sim's 1 year free wifi browsing. I put a standard o2 PAYG sim in and it is fine. Just make sure yours is a 3g sim if not the o2 store will swap it foc. Please clarify this info is correct with an o2 store or call them.

    oy other half is into phones, he said it should be fine
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