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    huh? . ..

    Spikey? I thought that was a shot of ]allstar2. ;-)

    Not the Spikey ???

    Taxi for Predikuesi?:|

    Hello Spikey. You'll find it great fun if you run up and down on the keys and twirl round on the mouse pad. Also the monitor is a super slide.:-D

    Spikey-is that an empty can of red bull I see on the floor behind you?

    don't be mean, he can be a bit *****ly about his deals .....edit.....p r i c k l y is a swear word??


    Not the Spikey ???

    I think it is you know!!!! ;-)

    That Spikey looks kinda.............................................cute


    Spikey? I thought that was a shot of ]allstar2. ;-)

    no this is allstar2 lol :thumbsup:
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