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    Stop moaning

    New users are flocking to the site in droves.....

    See below


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    Great communitry we have here with a record number of users today.

    Are they not just complaints ?

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    Are they not just complaints ?

    Not at all, just saying.....

    Yep, record users, all complaining. Stupid new design.

    Guess they are now leaving in there droves

    Although looking forward to 41 years of HUKD next year

    Don't see why people are complaining, so it's a new design - learn the new changes and get on with it or leave.


    think you'll find that's people creating multiple usernames to send PMs to people trying to get their password using the new bug that has been created as a feature, instead of all the other useful features we all loved.

    it shows just me online now .... didnt think it was that bad....

    Maybe the number was another "rare" glitch.
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