Well done beckham for winning 100 caps

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Found 26th Mar 2008
Well done David beckham for winning your 100th cap. I'm off to watch the match now so hope to come back to read some positive comments lol


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Great first cross....

(If only he didn't open his mouth!)

yes well done you celeb footballer, last time he tackled or went past anyone he was with man u
tell me what has he done to deserve to play again ?

well he is England's 3rd highest rated player in the game so far - behind J Cole and Gerrard, and they are both off now.
i may not be watching the game - but as far as im aware he always gives 100% unlike some others


shame he cant score for england!- hoes that scrubber vicky?

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Well same old england 1-0 to france who deserved to win a boring game.

God, it's a bad day when you can't even beat France


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God, it's a bad day when you can't even beat France :p;-)

Its true we was **** just like always no excuses from me.


Has it finished yet? Fell asleep after 10 mins....boring and lacking passion as ever !!

don't be negative guys! fabio obviously used the game to give everyone a run-out. I see positive days ahead for England. I'm not English but have always followed the team's fortunes (and ill-fortunes) and my feeling is that you have a manager at last who can get the best out of a talented squad. Although some of my own Irish compatriates might condemn me for saying so, my money is on England reaching the WC semis next time, and if the luck is with them, the final - and I've never thought that before.

I heard Martin Tyler say during the commentary that France must be thankful to England for sharpening the skills of the French players.

The only French players on the pitch at the time who currently play in the Premier League were Makelele (whos best years are long behind him), Malouda & Anelka (both not even first choice at current club Chelsea), and Gallas.

Apart from Gallas & possibly Anelka, I honestly can't see what the man is talking about. The majority of the French team have never kicked a ball in England.

Looks like the Andy Gray syndrome is catching. He must be spending too much time in that mans company.

Its nearly as bad as listening to Alan Green commenting on Liverpool v Man United games :lol:


**** beckham

lol go beckham im your number 1 fan!

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Do not think you should be making comments about my family mr p.c ok my grandparents are no longer around so keep your comments to yourself or go on a rally and protest or shut it.

This is the pm i sent to him he said i should go sell my granny because i want to get the free Olympics tickets and that because i support the Olympics :w00t:
Make your own mind up its OK to talk about my family on a public forum but i cannot send him a pm telling him I'm not happy with it strange world you live in mrpc.

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Now he is reporting me for threatening him please read the above post i did not threaten him once.
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