Well hello there...

    just thought id say hello to my fellow miscers, havenent been on in a week and before that 2 weeks....

    Anyway... what's new?


    I was wondering what happened to you, I thought maybe your parents had you studying hard for exams X)

    JTT has a stalker, considering you havent been here . . . . have you been on a bike trail forum instead?!

    Oh and 99p isnt the same as £9.99

    how was the young offenders institute

    you missed out on the DFS sale

    i thought you got married,that's why didn't came on net....

    he is 13.

    no offecne kiddo but shouldt u be in bed ready for school/ttexting ur mates from under ur duvet or whatever things little kids do!!

    Joey Bloggsy

    you missed out on the DFS sale

    Don't worry theres a new and even better sale now than the last one.


    Who are you again?
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