Well i bought the Clio.......

    Started heading down the road from Portlethem and i starts hearing a rubbing noise and like loud metal like pinging :? .....

    kept driving till i got home (45 miles away) and took my lass out in it to hear the noises, i wasnt chuffed as you would imagine as id just paid the woman £3100 for it.

    Anyway the lass wasn't happy either and i thot right I'm going to phone the woman i bought it from and tell her of these noises and that i was extremely not happy. I was that Pi**** off that i told her "you can keep £100 and ill drive the car up the next night and return it so i could get my £3000 back".

    My lass told me to firstly put the car in a local garage and see what he said before i took it up wont believe what the mechanic told me it needed....
    what was needing replaced was the bearing(front right), 2 front new discs and pads :x
    he also told me something that really shocked me.....
    apparently, he said as i was travelling down the motorway at 70mph that front right bearing could have gone and the wheel could have buckled and snapped so i would have ended up skidding along the motorway !! i hate to think what could have happened :w00t: :w00t:

    Apparently when the woman had the car in for its MOT at the Renault place in The Bridge Of Don, there was a problem with the ABS sensor on the front right wheel and they renewed it BUT when replacing all the parts they never screwed on the new bolt properly.

    The car is now sorted and it cost a total of £220 to get it all renewed, when i got the bill i called the lady up and she was ok about it and said she would pay half of it (she paid the 120) which wasn't bad as she could have been bad about it and said "sold as seen" I'm afraid.

    So now me and the lass are now proud owners of the 1.6 Dynamique plus

    Clio (aka Saxo).....still alive ...barely ! lol :thumbsup:


    :thumbsup: hope it all works out for the future.

    BTW, how long does this relationship with her last, will she pay half your bills for the next 12 months as well :giggle:

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    lol i wish she would, its got 6 months tax and a years MOT so thats cool

    That was lucky glad its sorted

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    yeh thank god mate,
    just think i might not have made it back which really made my stomach churn.


    just think i might not have made it back which really made my stomach … just think i might not have made it back which really made my stomach churn.

    Yeah damn right, we'd have had to get all our Tesco deals & vouchers elsewhere!!!?!


    The MOT station that repaired the car and gave it a pass should be reported, just think that could have been a very nasty accident.
    Thats a problem with the MOT test, if the car fails and is left with the failing garage for repair they dont have to retest once fixed unless it requires a gas or brake test, so they get the "boys" to do the repairs and just write out the pass ticket. Having said all that they have now to at least go through some of the proceedure as its ticket is printed "on line" so they just tick the boxes with the car there but not being tested.

    anyone who purchases a car cannot go on what the seller says, always get it inspected if you dont know what you are looking for or take someone with soome mechanical know how, failing that, look on the net for buyers guides for cars!

    Glad nothing catastrophic happened Saxo :thumbsup:

    How come you didn't hear the noise on your test drive?

    She had radio on.

    I don't know if your clio is one of the ones with the faulty bonnet catch but make sure you close the bonnet properly....

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    bonnet is ok mate, yeh i heard something but it was nothing major, no where near as bad as when i was coming down the road.
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