Well I lucky a find is this?

    Am I being too cynical?

    Afghans say US team found huge potential mineral wealth

    Afghanistan may have more than a trillion dollars worth of untapped mineral deposits, a spokesman for the ministry of mines has suggested.

    A joint team from the Pentagon, US Geological Service and USAID has calculated Afghanistan's mineral deposits are worth at least $900bn.

    Geological surveys discovered large quantities of iron and copper as well as valuable deposits of lithium.

    But questions are being asked about the timing of the release of information.


    D'ya reckon they'll give us a few quid?!

    That means they will now have WMD's ??


    afghanistan = new abu dhabi

    skyscrapers and shopping malls anyone?

    after theve killed each other deceiding who it belongs too

    in b4 you know who


    reminds me of this, another country rich beyond belief but incapable of doing anything about it.


    Why else did USA invade Afghanistan and funded the Talibans to fight off the soviets
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