Well it had to happen didnt it.......

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Found 16th Jul 2008
After hearing so much about xbox live i finally took the plunge and signed up!

Its BRILLANT!!!!!!

Only played GTA IV really so far - i thought i was good at until i got owned by what i would say is a gang of 14 year olds by the sounds of their voices on it!

I think I'll have to purchase COD4 from the ravings I hear about it. Should I get the game of the year version or is it not worth it?

If anyone wants to add me to their friends on it my game tag is roryk83

now just got find to find a way to persuade the rest of the family that TV sucks so i can have unlimited access to it...............

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oh lawd GTA was epic, it was a game of epic proportions

good buy! welcome to Xbox Live


I'm not on a lot, but hope to see you sometime

I converted from xbox360 to PS3 but trust me....
Xbox Live is welllll bettter!

Xbox live is good, being a old codger and new to gaming I spend most nights playing COD 4, normally late at night. I also have GTA 4 but tend to only play that when friends come on line.

From some of the prices I have seen you can get game of the year version for the same price as the standard version of COD 4. I not sure if they are the cheapest or if they are still at the same price but my local asda had both versions for £39-99 a few weeks ago

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