well that was rubbish

    just watched paranormal activity........everyones been going on about how scary it is,even tho i didnt fancy it i thought i would give it a chance....theres a hour or so of my life i will never get back

    anyone else seen it? what did you think

    i dont get this whole thing where people thought it was real....i mean the acting was rubbish


    Yer overated -less scary more suggestive horror

    Its you've been framed, but with a ghost

    Way over rated...I watched it even though my initial thought that it was going to be carp but the hype got to me and guess what? I was right all along, utter drivel.

    I watched it once, there was no ghost or paranormal activity till the end :x

    If you thought paranormal activity was a waste of time try watching the box. Theres a few hours of your life you will wish never existed.

    Is ok for a low budget film and yes there was to much hype about it..
    Just got back from watching, From Paris with love, really good action film, John Travolta is awesome in it..

    Yep it was pretty damn awful imo.

    I enjoyed it...s**t me and my girlfriend up enough when we were sitting in a cinema with only a handfull of other people!! I suppose it depends on your surroundings...and how much of a wuss you are :oops:

    I thought it was fantastic,but i do have an over active imagination and that's what you need to watch this film and enjoy it hehe

    When she was pulled out of bed it seemed soooo real to me,i loved the film!
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