Wellington boots - Wellies?? Any ideas?

Bit if a strange request I know but does anyone know a good place to find some funky wellies?




these are just a couple all i did was type wellie in google search box and loads of sites come up just have a mooch see whos cheapest !!

:roll: I think those 2 sites link to one another just browse you'll find some if not make your own !! Blue Peter style !

What size are you looking for? Woolworths sell some great ones for children. I think they go up to size 5.

Have you looked on ebay? I just did a quick search and there were hundreds of them.


That's a good site I have purchased from recently.


]http://www.wellieboots.comThat's a good site I have purchased from … ]http://www.wellieboots.comThat's a good site I have purchased from recently.

Good lord they're posh wellies! I want a pair of spotty ones for a Christmas present but don't think I can stretch to £20 when I have seen similar ones in B&Q (why they sell wellies I don't know!) for £10!

Must confess that I have bought the posh ones with dogs on though for my sister who is an avid labrador fan!

I think you pay for what you get. I have tried the ones in B&Q, I wouldn't give them to my worst enemy ;-)

M and M Direct have some nice fashionable ones.


Asda have some too
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