Went with 10400f, mistake?

Posted 26th Nov 2020
Hey there, just wanting to get some people's opinions. Was asked to build a £600 gaming PC for my sisters friends son (he's 14,on the spectrum, enjoys games) for Xmas.

Got some decent deals on the case, psu and some decent 16GB RGB ram.
Picked up a RX 580 Strix 8GB on eBay for £120 too which wasn't bad.

Total for all the above is £273

I was originally planning a Ryzen 3600 with a B450M Mortar Max equating to roughly £255. And a 1TB NVME for £80. Total would've been £608. (He wanted "lots of fast storage" too much xbox and ps5 ads :P)

Anyway, as some have noticed everything has been slowly increasing in price and alot of places don't have stock of the 3600.

I ended up panicking and ordering a 10400F (£153) and accidentally ordering a B460M Mortar Wifi (£105, thought I went with a B460M BAZOOKA for £79 with £10 cashback and Assians Creed). So it ended up being £258 instead of £231. So £584 vs £608.

Would I be better just asking if she can afford the extra for the Ryzen build and hoping there will still be stock or do you think the Intel build will be fine with either board? Just second guessing myself atm and just want him having a nice machine for the next wee while.

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