WEP KEY ?

    Anyone know how I can get my WEP key so I can access internet on my iphone via wi-fi ?
    It's on notepad on my brothers laptop but he's gone and taken it to cyprus with him !

    Any idea's peeps ?


    mines on the bottom of my router

    normally on router,what do you have?

    assume iphone is now sorted?

    can you get into the wireless modems settings

    If you can't get it then you'll have to reset the router and create a new one.

    the sedge;5769586

    mines on the bottom of my router

    Ditto - unless it's been changed from the default.

    If you have a Mac computer you can view the passwords in Keychain access if you have the machine master password(Applications/Utilities). That will give you the wireless password if that machine has connected in the past and been ticked to remember passwords. :roll:

    You can reset the router by the tiny button somewhere on it, usually you will need a pin to do that
    Then you log in using the default settings on the bottom of the router, it will be something like

    Username: Admin
    Password: 1234

    Then on the settings you can make a new password

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    normally on router,what do you have?not quite sure what router though! … normally on router,what do you have?not quite sure what router though! just checked an it says 11G ? IEEE ? WIRELESS ADSL?? (i'm pretty confident the last one isn't the make of the router:oops:assume iphone is now sorted?

    hmmm it MAYBE sorted mate but not quite there yet i think i had the 2G 3.0 firmware downloaded on my laptop but it was listed as 3G on youtube !!! So i think i've got it but the firmware's downloading a sec! :thumbsup:

    If you can see the asterisks that make up your password then SiW might help. This standalone program reveals passwords (once started look for Eureke under tools)…exe
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