were can i get ntsc/j games?

anyone know were to get the japanese ntsc games from? ebay only has 3. are these the same as back up games? im trying to get some games to play on my hk ps3 and really cant find these anywhere. please someone help will leave rep.



could try ]here but most are out of stock

Or YesAsia ]HERE stocks a few.

Neither Play-Asia or YesAsia will ship Sony stuff to Europe for fear of being Lik-Sanged !!!.Movietyme sell US NTSC PS3 games at reasonable prices and do ship to the UK:


Forgot about that. Doh!!!!

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its not ntsc us thats a different version. will try play asia and see if they ship but i doubt it. anyone know if there is a japanese ebay? cant find it lol and can i do a translation into english?

i thought the ps3 wasnt region locked.

The PS3 is region free, you should be able to order games from whichever region you want although if you want to play PS2 games then they have to match the region of the PS3. Sony were defeated in the courts of Australia regarding mod chips as the court ruled that people should be allowed free choice, by making the PS3 region free Sony have removed that justification for a mod chip.

At least that's as far as I'm aware, double check before making any purchases.


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my ps3 is region free its just region locked on ps2 games. im not that desperate for the ntsc/j games but i want to play bf2 on my ps3 and its only out on ps2 so i want to get that one.

What is bf2, Battlefield 2?



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yea battlefield 2. i think its called battlefield modern combat on the ps2.

Check the link, I think that should work on your system?


Yes it definitely will.

I have the same PS3 as you and all of my old PS2 games work on it (which I brought with me from the Far East).

I was thinking of buying Biohazard 4 from Play Asia, but £20 + delivery is a bit excessive.

oh i understand try ebay.COM

or if you know anyone going abroad just asked them, also how much are you looking to pay??

heres one:260137812731

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wat so would ntsc us work on my hk ps3? can spark confirm this as you have the same ps3 as me?

No it wouldn't, that PS3 will only play NTSC/J PS1/2 games as standard.

It can theoretically play American and Euro ones but you will need to severely mess with it and do a swap trick mod for that.

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ok thanks. do u by any chance have asian copy of battlefield?

Unfortunately no but if I did then I would let you have it, it's not really my sort of thing.

That one from Play-Asia will definitely work on your console though.

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17 pounds for a old ps2 game? forget it i thought if i can get it for a few quid it would be ok. thanks for help people will leave rep for everyone who helped.

Hi ,

Yesasia will ship the PS3 games to the UK, but not the consoles. Shipping is free.

(And you'll get about GBP2.50 off with the code QUIDCO5 if it's your first order, + 7% cashback if you use quidco)

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