we're finally all moved into the new house! after 4 long years

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Found 14th Jul 2010
yes guys we made it! June 28th we moved into the new house, had to wait until 2pm to get the phone call off the solicitor telling us the builders money had cleared the bank. what a nightmare ! builder wanted the keys at 5pm on the 28th .well you can guess what i told him lol. so on the 29th he sat outside the house watching us shift the last of our stuff and mouth that he knows where we moved to and what he was going to do to it. I take the old keys to the solicitor and told them what was happening and they said to phone the police, so as we had to leave a van load in our friends house next door we go back to get it and the builder starts again. police said its a civil matter but solicitor says its not. anyway the scumbag still owes us £1500.00 so hes off to court to argue that, moved his tenant straight in without fixing anything or clearing the rats and poison from the garden, scumbag demanding we return the carpets and laminate LOL i paid for it so we took it. cheeky sod.

so we've been in the new house 2 weeks and LOVE IT! no stress, no druggies in the street, total bliss!

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yay grats

Wayhey! Hope you're still enjoying it in the years to come!

Well done you !! Hope you settle in nicely.

Were moving into our new house on friday, a week before our wedding.

Had to live with the in-laws this week.

Exciting times.


Are you sure he hasn't got your new address and a few hard cases to visit?

Dont know the full story on this one, but sounds like your well rid now hopefully.

Glad you have moved into your new place and love it, have fun and relax and enjoy

time for a restraining order me thinks...and enjoy your home, I hope it holds many uyears of happiness for you x

I have to be honest from what you have said


Guv the scumbag knows where we live now he followed me home and watched … Guv the scumbag knows where we live now he followed me home and watched me walkin to the new house i didnt spot him until it was to late. nwressell we sued the builder who built our new build as it had over £45K worth of defects , taken us 4 year and a court order to force him to buy it back off us and pay the interest as he missed 8 moving dates. jellybaby22 yes hun he is a total mental case

I have to be honest from what you have said there, you've made me a little worried about your safety, dont let the scum bag get the better of you, call the police and get the complaints in now, call every time he shows up, otherwise when something does happen, our lovely helpful police service will then say "have you reported it to us before" and be of no use until anything more happens.

If you need anything I will rally up a team of HUKD members to come round and protect and servce a little like Robocop!


Congratulations x x



time for a restraining order me thinks...

Indeed...... why would he have followed the OP home..... make sure they got home safely?

Id suggest you get at least a dummy camera fixed to the house to act as a deterrant. Or better still, get the real thing. (He's not the only scum bag out there!)
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