Were to get the best exchange rate on Dollars

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Found 5th May 2011
I'm looking at exchanging some money for going to Florida. Would like to do cash £1000ish and onto to a card of some sort £1000ish. what are the best deals out there. Dont want to be paying fee's. I want to be able to pay on card without charges.


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thomas exchange currently offering 1.625 to the pound, i've used them lots before, i transfer the money to them and they send the currently through the post, they charge for special next day so possibly not the best rate after you add on the £5.50 but it's somewhere to start.....

Think you mean where not were.

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thanks for that lol

You can't usually get cash advances on credit cards without any charges.


You can't usually get cash advances on credit cards without any charges.

I think this is true as well. If you pay by credit card, interest will be added from the day of the transaction, even if you pay the bill off at the end of the month. The only way to use a card and avoid charges is to have the money in your bank account and use a debit card.

I also use Thomas Exchange, they are top eggs! Really good rates - but be careful if you pay by credit card and some debit cards, the banks/card companies sometimes charge additional fees when you buy currency from any bureau de change, so cash is the best option.

I also read in Saturday's Sun that Thomas Exchange still exchange the old pre-Euro currencies such as French Francs, back into Sterling Their website is thomasexchange.co.uk


I've used this before, beats everyone else.

For Dollars, ICE usually the best. Collection gives more preferable rates. Please check charges on card as i've only ever exchanged cash.

I have used ICE also, which I got from viewing the above posted link.

i have used tesco finance in the past they usually have a good rate.
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