Posted 3 November 2023

We're trialling a new feature... user referrals - please take a moment to read...

Update 1
This feature has now been extended and accessible through our new rewards programme. You can get more information about this in our announcement here.

  • To share a referral, please click on the main +SUBMIT button

Thank you for your contributions to its development through your various feedback! We have also a added new referral offer tab in user profiles for eligible users to manage their own referral offers.

Currently we do not allow FCA related content e.g Credit Cards, Banking etc
Today, we are excited to announce the testing of a new feature aimed at facilitating the referral process between members, for merchants and services that have such a campaign.

As you may already know, we have long had specific and strict rules governing referrals between hotukdeals members.

While we still believe that allowing referral offers without a specific framework would be detrimental as the platform would otherwise be overwhelmed by these offers, we are also aware that some referral offers
have the potential to save and even sometimes earn a lot of money or provide a significant advantage for our users that could not be obtained otherwise.

For this reason, we now want to facilitate referrals between members by introducing a new feature that allows selected members to publish their referral codes/links associated with referral campaigns that have been created by us. These referral offers are not published in the main threads (For you, Hot...) of the platform in order not to unnecessarily overload them. They are therefore highlighted on

  • the advanced search page specific to merchants on the site () and
  • the deals associated with merchants who have a referral campaign (Virgin Media).

Members who wish to be referred can now do so immediately. And on their side, referrers can easily submit their referral offers and then benefit from the advantages associated with them each time their offers are used by other members.

This feature is still in the experimental stage, and is currently only accessible to a group of members
chosen based on purely objective criteria, related to their contributions (and the quality of these) over the past twelve months.

The goal of this test is for us to gauge the interest in this feature, from both the referrers' and referees'
point of view. If this proves to be successful, this feature will be refined, added to our apps, and will become part of our loyalty program (coming later this year!). The conditions to be met to use it will then naturally be made public.

We hope this new feature will pique your interest: as always, feel free to share your opinions on it!


What referral offers can be shared?

To be able to publish a referral code or link, it is necessary that the associated referral campaign has been created by us on the platform. If this is not the case, it is then not possible to share the referral code or link, but you can suggest adding the referral campaign directly from the sharing form. The main criteria to be met for a campaign to be created is that it offers an advantage for both the referrer and the referee and the merchant is already approved onsite.

Here's what a request should look like:

  • Link to the offer e.g…end
  • How much the referrer gets? 20%
  • What does the person being referred get? 20%

Currently we do not allow FCA related content e.g Credit Cards.

What details are required when submitting a referral offer?

Either a referral link, a referral code, or both are required when submitting a referral offer.

How can I share my referral codes or links?

If you are among the members who have received early access to this feature, you can then go to the general submission page from the website (the feature is not yet available on our apps) where you will find a new option at the bottom allowing you to share your codes or links.

How are referral codes or links displayed when several referrers have submitted to the same referral campaign?

The respective referral codes and links of members are always combined into a single offer, and we display a code or a link randomly with each referral code or link request. If a code or link is no longer functional, it is then possible to load a new one (within the limit of the number of codes and links available).

Is it possible to join this test?

More than a hundred active members have been invited to join this test, and we unfortunately do not accept new requests. If this test is successful, this feature will be made public and we will publish the criteria to be met to access it. Finally, note that the hotukdeals/Pepper team is not allowed to share
referral offers, this feature is exclusively reserved for the community.

Community Updates
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Below are someof the most popular retailers where refer-a-friend offers can currently be submitted (correct as at 29th May 2024)

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  1. Gorskar's avatar
    How's this scheme going? Will the list of participating referral schemes be expanded?
    There was a couple of recent phone deals going - and it pained me to see lots of people missing out on a further saving, as all mentions of referral codes were deleted from the thread, including instructions on how to generate your own referral code.

    As the aim of the site is to save people money I'm sure that pain is shared with the site admins - and if this scheme gets off the ground it should help a lot!
  2. Dan's avatar
    As quite a few people asked, I added the current list of retailers where chosen members can submit refer-a-friend offers, as a footnote to the OP

    here it is too

    1p mobile
    Airtime Rewards
    Asda Mobile
    Attraction Tickets
    Bloom and Wild
    Bodybuilding Warehouse
    Boux Avenue
    British Gas
    BT Broadband
    Caffe Nero
    Celtic & Co (Celtic Sheepskin)
    Charlotte Tilbury
    Community Fibre
    Cox and Cox
    Cult Beauty
    English Heritage
    Glasses Direct
    Harvey Nichols
    Hello Fresh
    iD Mobile
    Kurt Geiger
    Look Fantastic
    Mamas & Papas
    Manuka Doctor
    Matches Fashion
    Molton Brown
    Music Magpie
    Nite Watches
    Octopus Energy
    Pasta Evangelists
    Paula's Choice
    Pizza Express
    Pop In A Box
    Protein Works
    Roman Originals
    Royal Horticultural Society
    Sky Digital
    Sticker Mule
    Sunglass Hut
    Ted Baker
    The Body Shop
    The Fork
    Thompson & Morgan
    Urban Decay
    Village Gym
    Virgin Media
    Virgin Red
  3. bozo007's avatar
    I was invited (thank you!) and I have added a couple of referrals. As long as they are served randomly and everyone in any campaign's pool has a truly equal opportunity, then it should be ok.
  4. missslc's avatar
    Hi @Jason
    Sorry for being dim.... I can't find anywhere to view the links? I need a Virgin Media referral I've tried looking on desktop but can you please explain where I need to go?
    Huge thanks x
    Nathan's avatar
    Search for and click on the merchant from the search bar:

    Click on Referral Offers tab:
    You should then see the referral promo currently offered:

  5. King65's avatar
    The referral scheme should be competitive and open so that the people on here that use it get the best possible incentive for using it. As it stands at the moment people can get more from a referral if they look elsewhere.
    Jason's avatar
    There are a few factors here that we need to consider such as the source of the referral and how available it is to all users. The campaigns we have created should be pretty universal but we know they can and will change when a merchant decides to increase or decrease the benefit.

    Your original comment about being able to find a higher referral on Ebay was rightly removed. It seems
    these here are listings with people promising to PayPal someone £20/30/40 for using their code and that is something we'd not allow on site to be advertised.

    Our initiative is to give back to the community by allowing their codes to be used and us managing the
    codes to do as much as we can to eliminate disappointment that someone does not receive the benefit they believed they'd get. (edited)
  6. Wongy111's avatar
    Thank you Jason Grand idea

    Had an email saying someone had used my Octopus one yesterday
    did a couple others as well
    Couldn't get my TCB link to work think that might be my end
    Had the account 12 years and never used the referral link (edited)
    Sigma's avatar
    Hi if you upload your personal 'Tell a friend' link, that should be accepted for TCB…end
  7. Wongy111's avatar
    Hi Jason/Sigma
    Me again
    like I said someone has used my Octopus (ink)link(Thank you)
    (when is the crossing out text feature coming back ?)

    Can I/do I need to add my link again ?
    Jason's avatar
    Nope It stays in the list of codes for that campaign.
  8. bozo007's avatar
    How do I edit a typo in the referral? And is there a list to browse through already available? Right now, it looks like I have to type in a retailer to see if it is there.
    Jason's avatar
    We're going to think about having a list published so users can see all of the available campaigns

    As for the typo, PM me and i'll take care of it.
  9. Wongy111's avatar
    Any hope of getting the AtlasVPN added ?
    I know you only get a few days each free but that is all i need right now
    Jason's avatar
    To manage expectations ... I doubt it! The team are really busy with Black Friday prep right now so the time to create new campaigns is a bit limited. We'll be doing something to the page though so people know.
  10. MrsMeguy's avatar

    Has this passed testing yet or has it been dropped? (edited)
    Sigma's avatar
    Hi, we have a referral team who are administering the referral program, and the trial is still currently running with the selected user group being able to submit referral offers.

    Our members can view and claim these existing referrals on selected store pages. An example show below:


    But no further updates are available at this time.
  11. camzenxbt's avatar
    Question: how does this not go against most merchants terms and conditions?

    For example: Term 7.5.6 of the Octopus Energy Terms and Conditions (which relates to their referral scheme) reads: 
    You will not be eligible to refer customers to us under the referral scheme if we have reason to believe you are sending or advertising your Personalised Link to people who are not known to you or if you are in any way trying to benefit from our referral scheme on a commercial basis rather than for personal use.

    With this example in mind, are you not effectively encouraging your members to go against the terms and conditions of merchants referral schemes? I presume most merchants have a similar rule to protect their referral scheme from abuse.

    Jason's avatar
    Every so often we see content on hotukdeals that isn't illegal but it could be in breach of a merchants terms for the offer or deal. Our general approach for this is that it is for the merchant to manage promotions or campaigns and this here is no different. If they decide to put terms in place, they should have ways to enforce it if people do the things they ask them not to do.
  12. Rebootxxx's avatar
    Sounds good
  13. sm9690's avatar
    Is there a list of merchants that have a campaign to add to? Or is searching individual merchants the only option?
    Jason's avatar
    Great question! At the moment there isn't but the team have seen this request so they'll give it some thought.
  14. CharlieCheeze's avatar
    Hey Jason,

    any chance I can be added to the group? I did ask when it was first mentioned some month ago
    Jason's avatar
    Hey I was a bit premature with my previous announcement as we weren't ready to roll it out when it went live!!

    I'm afraid we aren't accepting applications right now:

    Is it possible to join this test?

    More than a hundred active members have been invited to join this test, and we unfortunately do not accept new requests. If this test is successful, this feature will be made public and we will publish the criteria to be met to access it. Finally, note that the hotukdeals/Pepper team is not allowed to share referral offers, this feature is exclusively reserved for the community.
  15. deleted449189's avatar
    Where is the link to add a referral not listed? eg EON for £50 off bill.
    Jason's avatar
    If you cannot see the campaign listed you can request it on the form.
  16. DealCrew's avatar
    On TCB- i noticed 6 Referrer codes added for this merchant , with 6 refreshes (For supposedly dead links),
    obvious clicking the refresh, refreshes the "added by Member 1, Member 2 Etc..... all the way to 6.
    But i do have a question out of those 6 referrer submitter, who is the 1st referrer (Or Finder)?

    I could be wrong , but as for myself a Beta Tester, i see the original 1st submitter as last on the Refresh Button (Requiring 6 Clicks). Anybody who does not use/click the Refresh Button Will see the newest/latest Submission (6th)

    The reason i want to bring this up is........ (Example)
    Say i or somebody else wants to participate in the TCB Referral , but I or they want the original Referral submitter to be rewarded with £30 from TCB, for there time, work, hunting & Sharing this 1st referrer deal. (I Presume "The original Referral submitter" are last in the refresh button list), Not the first! you see when you land on the get referral code page.)

    I see the The link doesn't work? REFRESH Button
    I see this should be titled... "Multiple member Submitted - REFRESH" or in the likes of that.
    Most referral codes are unlimited usage/share and don't expire unless the merchant removes the deal all together./takes down.

    I presume that 99.9% users would NOT use this Button, for the purpose of a Dead Link.
    Like myself and others would just click "USE REFERRAL CODE" This Resulting in the newest/latest Submitter receiving the cherry on the cake!

    Also i do see this as a unfair advantage to the Original submitter of there referrer code (out of that example TCB deal) who now becomes the last in the refresh list.

    I think for numerous postings of referral codes, this should either be set or picked as Random at the time of clicking the link (With no refresh button) (edited)
    Nathan's avatar
    The order varies per member. From 3 refreshes I got 2nd, 6th, 4th entry from the ones submitted when comparing to the admin console which lists in chronological order. Doing it again with my testing account and when logged out (guest) I get different orders. This is as the referral scheme is intended to simply provide members the ability to get a referral, we don't necessarily want it to be the case where members are trying to game the system to get a specific person / referer to meet some expectation or personal criteria before it's used - this is why there should also be a countdown showing on the number of refreshes. We do however need to be able to allow members to change the referral offered as there are some which may be limited use (Samsung 10% codes were) or a code just may have been entered incorrectly so won't work.
  17. nav99's avatar
    is there a chance I could be added to list who can post a referral
    Sigma's avatar
    Hi, Unfortunately we aren't accepting new applications to join the referral group right now while this is in the test phase:

    Is it possible to join this test?

    More than a hundred active members have been invited to join this test, and we unfortunately do not accept new requests. If this test is successful, this feature will be made public and we will publish the criteria to be met to access it.

  18. sleepy_head89's avatar
    Hi I can’t seem to add Mac or a few others, I have messaged but not received a reply. Thank you
    Jason's avatar
    We've had to pause reviewing the new requests as they get done by the team and they're all crazy busy with Black Friday.
  19. deleted449189's avatar
    How do I add a referral for EON? When searching the list of companies on the submit referral page EON doesn’t appear.
  20. deleted392719's avatar
    Hi, I've not long returned to HUKD and I keep seeing in some deal threads in the description section information regarding referral incentives for both parties with a link (not the deal link)

    There doesn't seem to be any information regarding who is considered to be the referrer. I presume the beneficiary is the site itself but thought I'd ask in case it's the author of the deal that receives it.

    Either way, imo it should be made absolutely clear.

    Edit: Oops I forgot to do a search prior to posting the above in "Ask".
    Thanks for placing it here which has given me the clarification I wanted.

    I think it's a fantastic idea, well overdue.

    I do however think it should be made abundantly clear that it's the author of the deal receiving the benefit not the site itself as it may make a big difference to some knowing they can help "reward" the author (it honestly made me wary of clicking the link for a few purchases, not knowing who benefits)

    Maybe a statement could be added to the passage of text promoting the referral? As an example "The referrer is considered to be the author of the deal, not HUKD or anyone else" (edited)
's avatar