Weres the best place to locate stock for resale? - discussion on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

    Weres the best place to locate stock for resale?

    I thought this would make a good discussion on a lazy Sunday afternoon. A lot of us are wheeler dealers on here, but how easy is it to make a living from trading on line and whats the best platform, surely Ebay is getting too expensive, yet it has the greatest global exposure!

    Whats the best way to find stock?

    Drop shipping ? (i.e. marketing and selling for others)!

    Buying up parcels of bankrupt stock or end of lines

    Buying up job lots of clearance and returned stock?

    Locating a manufacturer/wholesaler here or overseas?

    Make and sell products?

    Locate in demand products and resale over RRP?


    go to the auctions -
    lots of big companies going bankrupt -
    i know its a shame that we benefit from their loss(especially the workers) but we all have to earn a crust

    try deal extreme for your drop shipping of products and look for the argos clearance website,you will need a few pounds to buy from there though.…/10


    the 1st site is a directory of wholesalers. the second is a firm that sell wholesale stock. i have bought stock off them before and didnt get on very well.

    they have cheap lots, but you got to think long and hard about what to invest in.
    its very hard to make a living these days as everything can be bought cheaper on the net.
    a few people i know have made a few pound selling imported ciggs and tobaco, but even they are hard to get hold off these days.
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